Novell pushes Linux training; Citrix releases advanced certs

* Training news from Novell, Citrix and CompTIA

Today, we have a roundup of recent news on the IT training and education front:

* Novell pushes Linux training

Novell aims to increase the number of Linux educators by offering a free week-long boot camp called "Train the Teacher." Available in 10 U.S. cities, the training prepares Linux educators to to teach Novell's introductory SuSE Linux Enterprise course. Novell says it will provide the training free of charge to instructors who are enrolled in the company's Academic Training Partner Program.

Novell has also partnered with Thomson Course Technology to release the joint SuSE Linux Enterprise courseware offerings. Thomson adapted Novell's existing SuSE Linux Enterprise courseware to the academic market by creating additional student labs and exercises.

For Linux users, Novell has put its Linux training course on a portable USB drive. Called the SuSE Linux Enterprise 10 First Class training course, the materials provide users with a look at the upcoming SuSE Linux Enterprise 10 product, including server and desktop software.

Read more about Novell training here.

* Citrix releases advanced certifications

If you work with Citrix systems you may be interested in Citrix' latest advanced certifications: the Citrix Certified Integration Architect 4 (CCIA 4) for Citrix Access Suite 4, and the Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator 4 (CCEA 4) for Citrix Access Suite 4.

The CCIA 4 program aims to certify architects and systems designers to lead analysis, design and build/test phases for integrating the Citrix Access Suite into an IT environment. CCIA 4 candidates can now complete the cert's three exams in modules rather than all at once, says Citrix. The CCEA 4 certification is focused on the build/test, rollout and support efforts of managing the Citrix Access Suite.

Read more about Citrix certifications here.

* Security is the focus for CompTIA's A+

CompTIA has updated its foundation CompTIA A+ certification to focus on security, among other skills. The certification will continue to include two exams, says CompTIA. One exam will cover core competencies in the latest hardware and software technologies, safety, environmental issues, soft skills and security. The second exam will focus on how to apply the skills in specific job environments.

Read more about CompTIA's A+ certification here.

* IT's identity crisis

Finally, I want to point you to a couple of career-related stories in this week's Network World. The first is a package of stories about the IT profession, how the current practitioners view their jobs and where they see themselves headed. It's a revealing look at the state of the profession as IT execs are pressured to meet regulatory mandates and management standards such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Is it any surprise that some want out? Read the full package of articles here and have your say in our identity-crisis forum.

The second article, headlined "Demand rises for wireless skills" examines the requirement of a growing number of companies for wireless knowledge and looks at how various IT departments set about obtaining them.

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