EMC plans native encyption on storage arrays

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EMC plans native encyption on storage arrays, 07/10/06

EMC is planning to incorporate data encryption technology on its storage arrays, using software technology it obtained from last month's acquisition of RSA.

Sun jumps back into blades, expands Opteron line, 07/10/06

After exiting the market last year in face of stiff competition, Sun next week is expected to introduce a new blade server as it fills out its x64-based product line, which has been a bright spot in the struggling company’s financial picture.

Freescale first to market with new memory chips, 07/10/06

Freescale Semiconductor is offering a new type of memory chip commercially, in hopes of spurring the development of applications and devices that capitalize on the technology's inherent advantages, the semiconductor company said on Monday.

New Novell CEO stresses execution, 07/10/06

In an interview with Network World editors, new CEO Ronald Hovsepian and Novell CTO Jeffrey Jaffe laid out their plans to grow Linux sales, spur NetWare customer migration to Linux and push Linux to corporate desktops.

Cisco upgrades enterprise security hardware/software, 07/10/06

Cisco this week launched new versions of its multi-purpose Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), with small offices and large data centers in mind. The company also introduced a new version of its Network Admission Control (NAC) appliance, and an upgrade ...

Sun to kill open systems virtual tape project, 07/07/06

Sun is expected to announce next week that it will discontinue development of its Virtual Storage Manager Open product.

Q&A: Intel's Gelsinger gets to the core, 07/06/06

Not long after arriving in New York on a red-eye flight, Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president and general manager of Intel Corp.'s Digital Enterprise Group, showed no signs of exhaustion during an interview after the launch of Intel's new 'Woodcrest' ...

Scientists pave way for cheaper, cleaner chips, 07/06/06

U.K. researchers have found a way to use ultraviolet light instead of furnaces to create the silicon dioxide insulation layer on computer chips, a breakthrough that could lead to big energy savings for chip makers and lower prices for customers.

Servers Newsletter: Intel releases Woodcrest to inch closer to AMD Opteron's performance, 07/06/06

Intel last week launched a line of Xeon chips that are expected to close the performance gap between AMD Opteron and Intel-based machines.

Savvis signs e-learning customer, 07/06/06

Canadian e-learning company Chalk Media inked a two-year deal with Savvis, which is providing virtual hosting, storage and security services to the company.

SGI hopes to exit bankruptcy in September, 07/05/06

Silicon Graphics Inc. has filed an amended reorganization plan and hopes to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September, the company said Wednesday.

DRAM finds a home in Taiwan, 07/05/06

Taiwanese chip manufacturers are investing heavily in dynamic RAM production capacity, even as manufacturers elsewhere turn their attention to more lucrative NAND flash production.

Network/Systems Management Newsletter: Google is not the only company building a data center near the Columbia River, 07/05/06

Recent articles have speculated about the purpose of Google's new data center on the banks of the Columbia River. From my perspective, ...

Linux Newsletter: Linux is non-stop at Stratus and Availigent, 07/05/06

In server management, there's no such thing as a happy abend-ing (as in abnormal ending, or system crash). And you don't have to tell that to server ...

Google builds own servers for efficiency - Network World, 06/29/06

Google, typically tight-lipped about the technology behind its data centers, builds its own servers to save costs and because standard products don't exactly meet its needs, Google's senior vice president of operations said on Thursday.

Indiana University claims fastest supercomputer, 06/29/06

Which U.S. college or university has the fastest supercomputer of all? According to a list compiled by industry experts, Indiana University’s "Big Red" supercomputer, an IBM e1350 BladeCenter Cluster, is tops.

Servers Newsletter: Unisys drops its proprietary processors in favor of Intel, 06/29/06

Unisys this week announced a new architecture for its servers and four new mainframe systems.

Local products dominate Indian PC market, 06/29/06

Indian PC brands and unbranded PCs assembled locally together dominated the country's price-sensitive PC market, according to data released Thursday by the Manufacturers Association of Information Technology, an association in Delhi of vendors of ...

Gateway looks for profit with enterprise storage, 06/29/06

Gateway launched three enterprise storage products for midsize businesses on Thursday, as the company struggles to rebound from posting a net loss of $5.2 million in the first quarter.

IBM tops supercomputer list, Opteron gains ground, 06/28/06

The Top500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers was released Wednesday, with IBM's BlueGene continuing to reign and Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron processor powering more systems on the list than last year.

Dell improves IT services with Google Maps, 06/28/06

Dell launched an IT services plan Wednesday that extends big-company perks to midrange businesses and allows system administrators to track server problems by plotting them on Google Maps.

Human beings that live in computers, 06/27/06

Politicians could one day determine the results of elections before they take place, thanks to a European research project that will study social interactions between millions of virtual human beings.

Toshiba to build chip plant in Thailand, 06/27/06

Toshiba plans to build a new semiconductor factory near Bangkok, Thailand, the company said Tuesday.

Servers Newsletter: Cisco ups InfiniBand ante with new switches, 06/27/06

Cisco this week expanded its InfiniBand portfolio with the addition of larger-port count switches and a management system that mimics that of its IOS ...

10 cutting-edge network research projects you should know about, 06/27/06

We kicked off an effort at the start of this year to look more closely at network research happening at university and other labs, figuring that while the technologies being worked on won't necessarily find their way into your network immediately, ...

Intel sells comms unit to Marvell for $600 million, 06/27/06

Intel will sell its communications and application processor business to Marvell Technology Group for $600 million, the companies announced Tuesday.

New Data Center Strategies Newsletter: Mind the gap - where physical meets virtual, 06/27/06

When companies budget for new applications, do they have a line item for “cooling the servers”? Not often, to say the least.

IBM and ClearSpeed team up for supercomputers, 06/27/06

IBM made a move to get ahead of rival HP in the high-performance computing market Tuesday, announcing a partnership with semiconductor maker ClearSpeed Technology.


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