Q&A: New Novell CEO in all-out Linux push

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Q&A: New Novell CEO in all-out Linux push, 07/10/06

Novell’s new CEO Ronald Hovsepian and current CTO Jeffrey Jaffe have a lot to talk about, as the company refocuses on open-source software following an executive shakeup in June. Both executives gave some insights on Novell's strategy to use the ...

Vonage sued in patent infringement - Network World, 07/10/06

The technology used by Vonage to deliver voice mail service to its 1.6 million VoIP telephony customers infringes another company's patent, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

Network/Systems Management Newsletter: The 'experts' don't get the EMC/RSA union, 07/10/06

I'm not typically in the habit of dissing my fellow industry-watchers, but I have to say, I was actually shocked at the negative reaction of some to EMC's ...

Q&A: Nortel’s new top technologist aims high, 07/10/06

As Nortel’s new CTO, John Roese must think big. His task is to rally more than 12,000 engineers in product areas as diverse as Ethernet, cellular infrastructure, optical and wireless mesh, and outline R&D and technology strategies for each market. All ...

VPNs Newsletter: Symantec ends the development of security appliances, 07/06/06

The recent decision of Symantec to get out of the security appliance business says more about the hardware industry than it does about the security ...

Clearwire investment represents new strategy for Intel, 07/06/06

Intel Capital's $600 million investment in Clearwire appears to be part of a new strategy at the investment group, according to recent comments made by its managing director.

IBM expands Irish operation, 07/06/06

IBM Thursday announced it plans to boost software development at its operations in Ireland by investing €46 million ($59 million) and hiring 300 workers in Dublin.

Savvis signs e-learning customer, 07/06/06

Canadian e-learning company Chalk Media inked a two-year deal with Savvis, which is providing virtual hosting, storage and security services to the company.

Cisco to buy network access vendor Meetinghouse, 07/06/06

Cisco plans to buy Meetinghouse Data Communications, an endpoint security software vendor based in Portsmouth, N.H.

IBM faces fewer claims in SCO lawsuit, 07/05/06

A U.S. judge has tossed out almost 200 of The SCO Group's claims of intellectual property violation against IBM on the grounds that SCO didn't identify the alleged infringements in enough detail.

SGI hopes to exit bankruptcy in September, 07/05/06

Silicon Graphics Inc. has filed an amended reorganization plan and hopes to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September, the company said Wednesday.

Palm rings up strong revenue, profits for year, 06/30/06

With strong sales of its Treo smartphone, Palm this week reported strong fourth-quarter and year-end sales and profits.

RIM: Subscriber numbers are rising now lawsuit is over, 06/30/06

The number of new subscribers Research In Motion added in the three months to June 3 shows that customers are signing up for the mobile push e-mail service after a slow-down related to a high-profile intellectual property rights (IPR) lawsuit, RIM ...

RSA chief didn't drop hints about blockbuster deal with EMC, 06/30/06

RSA Security CEO Art Coviello has some poker face.

Microsoft faces class action suit over WGA tool, 06/30/06

Microsoft is facing a class action suit over a tool that gathers data on a user's computer in an effort to detect bootlegged copies of its Windows operating system.

Google tries to have page-ranking suit dismissed, 06/30/06

Google can use any criteria it wishes to rank Web sites, including downgrading competitors, a lawyer for the search giant told a federal judge Friday.

EMC/RSA union draws mixed reviews, 06/30/06

EMC's planned acquisition of RSA Security for $2.1 billion is garnering mixed reviews from analysts on Wall Street and within the technology industry.

Google builds own servers for efficiency, 06/29/06

Google, typically tight-lipped about the technology behind its data centers, builds its own servers to save costs and because standard products don't exactly meet its needs, Google's senior vice president of operations said on Thursday.

EMC to buy RSA for $2.1 billion, 06/29/06

Continuing its multiyear shopping spree, storage giant EMC said Thursday it would acquire RSA Security for about $2.1 billion.

Apple uncovers stock option irregularities, 06/29/06

Apple Thursday disclosed that it has found problems with some of its stock option grants made between 1997 and 2001, one of which was to CEO Steve Jobs.

Report says Symantec may owe IRS $1 billion, 06/29/06

Antivirus software maker Symantec Corp. may owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as much as US$1 billion in back taxes and penalties, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Microsoft loses veteran general manager to Google, 06/29/06

A Microsoft technology evangelist has left after 15 years with the company to go work for archrival Google, continuing a string of high-profile personnel changes at Microsoft this month.

Gateway looks for profit with enterprise storage, 06/29/06

Gateway launched three enterprise storage products for midsize businesses on Thursday, as the company struggles to rebound from posting a net loss of $5.2 million in the first quarter.

Red Hat inherits patent claim from JBoss, 06/29/06

Red Hat faces a patent infringement lawsuit this week over an application that came under its wing as a result of its acquisition of JBoss.

Novell NetWare Newsletter: Novell: What now?, 06/29/06

Today we're going to take a look at Novell's new CEO and see if we can discern how the recent management changes will affect the company's products and customers.

Sun appoints new storage execs, restructures storage group, 06/28/06

Sun Tuesday announced it has restructured its storage group and appointed a new storage vice president, sources say.

Red Hat revenue continues to rise, 06/28/06

Strong Linux sales drove Red Hat revenue up 38% in its fiscal 2007 first quarter, the company announced Wednesday.


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