IBM launches low-cost server for small-business ERP

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IBM launches low-cost server for small-business ERP, 07/17/06

IBM last week announced a server package aimed at reassuring small-business customers that it plans to support Oracle's software products for years to come.

Server vendors stay optimistic on Itanium 2 sales, 07/17/06

Defying skeptical analysts, server vendors including Silicon Graphics (SGI) and Fujitsu Siemens plan to win new customers by selling machines based on Intel’s "Montecito" dual-core Itanium 2 chip, due to launch Tuesday.

HP announces grain-sized wireless memory chip, 07/17/06

HP researchers have developed a memory chip with wireless network capabilities that is roughly the same size as a grain of rice, the company said Monday.

IBM to support Xen virtualization through Suse, 07/17/06

IBM's low-end servers and middleware for the first time will support XenSource's open-source Xen virtualization technology, since it's now included in Novell's new Suse Linux distribution, IBM announced Monday.

Intel to introduce dual-core Itanium, 07/17/06

Just weeks after rolling out significant updates to its low-end Xeon processor, Intel this week is expected to focus on the high end with the long-awaited release of a dual-core version of Itanium, code-named Montecito.

Editorial: Place for flywheels in your UPS?, 07/17/06

Keeping data centers up and running during power outages traditionally has required banks of batteries to feed gear while generators are spooled up. There is an alternative, however.

Intel to introduce dual-core Itanium — finally, 07/17/06

Just weeks after rolling out significant updates to its low-end Xeon processor, Intel is expected to focus on the high end with the long-awaited release of a dual-core version of Itanium, code-named Montecito.

Novell adds virtualization to Suse Linux upgrade, 07/17/06

Novell released a new version of Suse Linux for servers and desktops on Monday, marking the start of a renewed push to attract enterprise customers to its open-source operating system.

The life and death of Microsoft’s software, 07/17/06

As certain as Microsoft is working on new software, its old software is being retired, leaving users to sometimes plan as carefully for decommissioning aging technology as they do for rolling out what’s new.

DRAM makers face price fixing suit from 34 states, 07/14/06

California and 33 other U.S. states plan to file a joint antitrust lawsuit against seven DRAM makers over alleged price fixing, adding to industry woes amid an ongoing federal investigation that has already led to $731 million in fines.

AMD to file complaint in Germany alleging anticompetition by Intel, 07/13/06

Advanced Micro Devices plans to file a complaint with the German competition authority regarding alleged Intel anticompetitive behavior, a company spokeswoman said Thursday.

Intel to cut 1,000 management jobs, 07/13/06

Intel executives told employees on Thursday they would cut 1,000 management jobs in an effort to rebound from poor profits in recent quarters, the company said.

Myricom claims low-latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet; Peripheral cools down hot spots, 07/13/06

It's slow out here in server land this week, now that Sun has made its Opteron-based server announcements. About all that has ...

House passes bill authorizing IT energy-use study, 07/13/06

Sun and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) praised the U.S. House of Representatives for passing legislation Wednesday that authorizes a federal government study on the energy consumption of computer data centers.

Tideway supports virtual environments, 07/13/06

Tideway Systems this week announced the next generation of its IT service configuration-management product that can now automatically discover virtual environments.

Intel to launch Conroe desktop chip July 27, 07/12/06

Intel will launch its next-generation "Conroe" chip for desktop PCs on July 27, marking the company's second step to recover from slumping sales with new products.

Growth slows dramatically in China's chip market, 07/12/06

Growth in China's semiconductor market slowed dramatically in 2005 after years of big gains, according to market researcher iSuppli.

High-end servers open new markets for Microsoft in Asia, 07/12/06

Growing demand for inexpensive, high-performance servers is creating new opportunities for Microsoft in Asia, a company official said.

New Data Center Strategies Newsletter: Desktops in the data center?, 07/11/06

As a wave of consolidation sweeps over companies, branch offices are stripped of servers and everything is moved to the data center. Even file servers ...

Opsware set to buy Creekpath Systems, 07/11/06

Opsware Tuesday announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire storage management vendor Creekpath Systems for about $10 million in a deal expected to close early next month.

Novell NetWare Newsletter: Dell bundles NetWare with servers, 07/11/06

The good news is that Dell recently shipped some new PowerEdge servers. The great news is that one is actually certified for NetWare 6.5! And it isn't the ...

Servers Newsletter: User response positive to Sun's Opteron push, 07/11/06

Users applauded Sun's launch this week of more x86-based Opteron servers.

Sun's new Opteron servers aimed at data center, 07/11/06

Sun launched three Opteron-based servers Tuesday, positioning them as midrange servers to be used for network computing in data centers.

Sun pitches big x86 server for virtualization projects, 07/11/06

Sun this week plans to announce new x86-based server products, including one that can support up to eight dual-core chips. In doing so, Sun is betting that IT managers will increasingly move to large systems as part of a consolidation and ...

Intel may face new investigation in Germany, 07/11/06

Intel could face a new investigation over its business practices after a complaint was filed in Germany's federal cartel office last week, a spokeswoman for the office said.

IBM launches low cost server for small business ERP, 07/11/06

In a move to reassure small-business customers that it plans to support Oracle.'s software products for years to come, IBM announced a server package on Tuesday.


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