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Back in April I wrote about the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) organized by the Computer Emergency Readiness Team of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The MS-ISAC provides valuable Webcasts to anyone who wants to download them.

I was updating a reference to one of the Webcasts in our MSIA curriculum and visited their Web site listing of these events again. Since my last notes on their site, they have posted new materials and announced some exciting coming events that will interest readers.

On April 13, the group presented a lecture about VoIP. The presentation featured Fran Raimon, senior systems engineer at Juniper Networks; Bob Gaughan, senior consultant for enterprise regional marketing at Nortel; and William Pelgrin, chair of the MS-ISAC. The abstract reads:

“VoIP is growing in popularity. Two-thirds of the world’s 2,000 largest companies will be using VoIP systems in 2006 and by 2009, 27 million Americans will use Internet phones at home. The presentation raised awareness on network security issues and challenges that arise in today’s network world. We need to understand what the threats are and how to mitigate them. The presenters walked through a variety of scenarios to help explain these concepts and provided specific advice on what steps to take which included:

* VoIP Network Security Risks

* Key Solutions to Securing VoIP Networks

* A Secure VoIP Implementation.”

As always, the materials available include a PowerPoint file, a recording managed by Microsoft’s LiveMeeting software, and a set of links. You should use probably use Internet Explorer to access these files; my attempts using Opera failed completely. There are 52 slides and the show lasts about an hour.

On June 28, the MS-ISAC sponsored a talk on remote access by John Nye, consulting services technical lead at Symantec; Christopher Labatt-Simon, CEO of D&D Consulting; and Pelgrin. The description lists the following topics:

* “overview of remote access options (dial-up/dial-back to dedicated access to IPSEC VPN to SSL VPN and beyond)

* the pros and cons of different types of remote access

* secure remote access (the security ramifications of extending internal applications)

* common best practices.”

This presentation includes 54 slides and also takes about an hour.

Finally, there’s a lecture on instant messaging coming up on Aug. 16, a presentation in conjunction with the Cyber Security Awareness Month in October, and a CEO Roundtable in December.

Readers looking for free materials to use for in-house training and awareness sessions and teachers who want to spice up course lectures will find these new additions helpful.

Many thanks to the speakers and organizers for all the work that has gone into these presentations.


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