Black Hat: NAC solutions vulnerable to attack

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Black Hat: NAC solutions vulnerable to attack, 08/02/06

Network access control technology has been promoted as the savior of beleaguered enterprise networks, but enterprise IT managers who are hanging their hat on client health screening should think again, according to security expert Ofir Arkin of Insightix.

Prototype worm targets Windows PowerShell, 08/02/06

Microsoft has not released its PowerShell scripting technology in commercial products yet, but a group of hackers has already written a prototype virus for it.

Windows Networking Newsletter: NameScape helps healthcare group deploy AD across a disparate IT infrastructure, 08/02/06

It's been a couple of years since I've talked about NameScape, the company Randy Bradley founded after he left NetPro, but a recent case ...

Layer 8: What Microsoft's Zune really looks like, 08/02/06

So you know what everyone thought Microsoft's Zune looked like (see left)? They were wrong. Now the "final design" is out and it's here. And, not surprisingly, it kinda looks...

Microsoft launches Windows Live Spaces, 08/02/06

Microsoft Wednesday launched an upgraded version of its MSN Spaces Web site that lets users quickly create a Web site or blog, post photos and build a network of contacts.

Microsoft plays down bug panic, 08/02/06

Windows exploit code recently released into the wild is causing confusion in the security world, as it seems to overlap with a critical bug Microsoft patched last month.

Microsoft Research promotes research as career in India, 08/02/06

Microsoft Research Lab India Wednesday announced doctoral fellowships in India to encourage students to take up research in computer science as a career.

Microsoft ships high-performance Windows OS, 08/01/06

Microsoft Tuesday released Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, its first high-performance operating system.

Microsoft shuffles more Windows executives, 08/01/06

Microsoft continues to make executive changes in the division that oversees Windows. On Tuesday the company added one executive to its Platforms and Services Division and announced that three will leave the group once Windows Vista is released to ...

Microsoft files patent complaint against Belkin, 08/01/06

Microsoft Tuesday filed a patent-infringement complaint with the International Trade Commission against Belkin for importing products the software company claims infringes on a patent it holds for peripheral device technology.

Microsoft touts new emphasis on software-as-a-service, 07/31/06

Microsoft last week indicated it is entering a new era that will be marked less by monolithic programs licensed to corporate users and more by the integration of client and server software with Internet-based services.

Microsoft files more papers to avoid further EU fines, 07/31/06

Microsoft has filed another batch of technical information with the European Commission, in an effort to avoid an increase in fines resulting from a 2004 antitrust ruling against the company, a Commission spokeswoman said Monday.

Layer 8: Another Microsoft live demo disaster, 07/31/06

At some point, Microsoft's gotta stop doing live demos. They're like Charlie Brown and the football with these things. The latest oopsie, a live demo of voice recognition software that...

Review: Windows' SMB bundle offers few new upgrade enticements, 07/31/06

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 R2 to ship without many upgrade enticements.

Black Hat Conference puts spotlight on NAC, Vista and rootkits, 07/31/06

The annual Black Hat Conference, which opens July 29 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, brings together security researchers and vendors in a freewheeling atmosphere aimed at laying bare the risks and vulnerabilities in IT products.

Security in Practice Newsletter: The patch robbers, 07/31/06

Do you think it's a coincidence that major Microsoft Office vulnerabilities with exploit code have appeared within a day of Patch Tuesday? I don't, and it's not just my active imagination going wild.

Trying Microsoft MapPoint with GPS, 07/31/06

Little did we know, but it seems that our office wobbles. At least according to the latest version of Microsoft MapPoint 2006 with GPS Locator.

Microsoft takes first step toward standardizing management modeling language, 07/31/06

Microsoft Monday said it was working with a set of partners to create a standard modeling language designed to help corporations better manage their infrastructure.

Windows Vista voice-recognition feature needs work, 07/31/06

If its performance during a demonstration last week at Microsoft's annual Financial Analyst Meeting (FAM) is any indication, a voice-recognition feature in Windows Vista is not quite ready for prime time.

Microsoft to charge for Office 2007 beta 2, 07/28/06

Microsoft Friday said that next week it will begin charging $1.50 for users to download a copy of the Office 2007 beta 2.

Microsoft recalls Small Business Server 2003 R2, 07/28/06

Microsoft has recalled an updated version of Small Business Server because of a glitch discovered during a regular software production audit, the company said Friday.

Microsoft: Don't expect much from Zune, 07/28/06

So with all the hype and press surrounding Microsoft's upcoming "iPod killer," the company's optimistic about Zune being a big hit, right? Right? "This is something that's going to be...

Microsoft finalizes acquisition of VPN vendor Whale, 07/27/06

Microsoft has finalized its purchase of SSL VPN vendor Whale Communications, a deal Microsoft hopes will be viewed not only for its remote access potential but also its ability to improve application performance over VPN links.

Ballmer: Microsoft must be 'multi-core', 07/27/06

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Thursday said that his company must be able to operate successfully in multiple markets - a phenomenon he calls being "multi-core" - for the company to continue to grow well into the future.

Microsoft's Ballmer ready to seize helm for innovation, 07/27/06

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says he is taking over as the company’s champion of innovation, and his focus will be on turning online services and entertainment into Microsoft’s new growth areas.

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