Testers question stability of latest Vista beta

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Testers question stability of latest Vista beta, 08/07/06

What began as a murmur a few months back is turning into an audible grumble as beta testers and experts question the stability of the latest Windows Vista beta and Microsoft itself hints at yet another release delay.

Microsoft looks for ways to combat Blue Pill, code-signing bypass, 08/04/06

After security researcher Joanna Rutkowska Thursday demonstrated how it’s possible to circumvent security in Microsoft’s Vista beta software and install a rootkit called Blue Pill, Microsoft said it intends to find ways to stop both potential threats before Vista ships.

Black Hat: Unpatched flaw revealed in Cisco firewall, 08/04/06

Cisco just can't seem to make it through the Black Hat USA conference unscathed. On Wednesday a security researcher showed how an unpatched vulnerability in the company's PIX firewall appliances that could allow outside attackers to gain access to corporate networks.

Making corporate security second nature, 08/07/06

Enterprise security executives need to make practices such as safe USB use and discreet handling of patient or customer data as commonplace as not accepting luggage from strangers in airports or wearing a seat belt when driving.

Startup releases network access control device for Windows desktops, 08/07/06

Startup FireEye is introducing a network access control appliance that monitors network traffic to discover and block malicious traffic aimed at Windows 2000 and Windows XP desktops.

VPNs Newsletter: Latest Linksys VPN router for small businesses is a cut-above the consumer boxes, 08/03/06

Linksys, which is known for making inexpensive networking gear, has two new small-business VPN routers that are remarkably inexpensive.

Virus and Bug Patch Newsletter: New Mac updates available from Apple, 08/03/06

Today's bug patch and security alerts:

DOJ files to block AT&T wiretapping suit again, 08/03/06

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has filed a new motion to dismiss a lawsuit over AT&T's alleged participation in a government-sponsored wiretapping program.

Juniper researcher Michael Lynn crashes Cisco party at Black Hat, 08/03/06

The invite-only party last night that Cisco held at a nightclub for Black Hat conference attendees was crashed by security researcher Michael Lynn, who last year was sued by Cisco for revealing a ...

Ohio University coping with information breaches, 08/03/06

In May, Ohio University (OU) announced that a security violation was discovered in which “The computer system contained biographical information for ...

Management apps could pose security risk, 08/03/06

Insecure coding and loose deployments of enterprise management applications could turn antivirus, patch management and systems management applications into powerful and malicious botnets, according to research presented at the Black Hat Briefings ...

Microsoft heads for another big Patch Tuesday, 08/03/06

August will be another substantial patch month for Microsoft, with the vendor releasing 12 security bulletins next Tuesday to fix holes in both its Windows operating system and the Office productivity suite.

Macs hacked at Black Hat, 08/03/06

You know how Windows are holier than Swiss cheese and Macs are air tight? Not so much. That's what security researchers at Ye Olde Black Hat Confab proved this week...

Black Hat: NAC solutions vulnerable to attack, 08/02/06

Network access control technology has been promoted as the savior of beleaguered enterprise networks, but enterprise IT managers who are hanging their hat on client health screening should think again, according to security expert Ofir Arkin of Insightix.

FBI joins with industry to tackle ID theft, 08/02/06

The FBI is stepping up its fight against online fraud with a new initiative called Operation Identity Shield, according to a senior FBI official.

Intel issues patches for wireless vulnerabilities, 08/02/06

Intel has issued patches for three vulnerabilities for its wireless hardware and software.

Prototype worm targets Windows PowerShell, 08/02/06

Microsoft has not released its PowerShell scripting technology in commercial products yet, but a group of hackers has already written a prototype virus for it.

Black Hat: MacBook hit with wireless hack, 08/02/06

Security researchers David Maynor and Jon Ellch performed a digital drive-by Wednesday at the Black Hat USA conference. Their target: an Apple MacBook.

Identity Management Newsletter: Making ID mgmt. convenient to users - no matter what device they're using, 08/02/06

The end of the firewall is something I've talked about before in this newsletter as well as, more extensively, in the Windows Networking ...


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