Jabber appliance IMpresses with ease of installation, use

* JabberNow appliance creates positive IM environment

Jabber appliance IMpresses with ease of installation, use

By Barry Nance

Instant messaging is technically the storing and forwarding of notes that people type to each other. From a business perspective, however, IM is fast becoming an essential medium for communicating between employees and between companies.

But what messages are people typing? Are some inappropriate? Can they lead to legal liabilities for the company? Security and legal compliance are causing companies of all sizes to implement internally managed IM systems.

Jabber says its JabberNow appliance creates an IM environment that is easy to install, simple to maintain, highly secure and interoperable with other IM systems. In our tests, we found the device lived up to our expectations.

JabberNow was easy to install and administer. Each device could support as many as a few hundred clients, and it worked well with Active Directory, AOL Instant Messenger and GoogleTalk. It also enforced good message privacy on the local network. We did have some concerns - the appliance wasn't able to thwart a malware attack, it is too small to fit into a rack space and we think the license fees are somewhat higher than they should be. But overall JabberNow quickly and painlessly lets a company set up a business IM environment.

To read more about the JabberNow test, please click here.

Nance runs Network Testing Labs and is the author of Introduction to Networking,, and Client/Server LAN Programming. He can be reached at barryn@erols.com.
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