Humana relies on Array gear for secure Internet access

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Humana relies on Array gear for secure Internet access, 08/07/06

Humana Health Care used to rely on a mix of remote-access methods but wanted a single, flexible technology that would reduce the number of network entry points for malicious activity. As a result, it is standardizing on SSL VPNs for all remote access ...

Linux event shows move to mainstream, 08/07/06

Conference agenda indicative of a maturing Linux.

AT&T looks to extend SBC's hold on SMBs, 08/07/06

AT&T is trying to find the right mix of services to better serve the small-to-midsize business market and leverage some of the successes legacy SBC has seen in its 13-state region.

Making corporate security second nature, 08/07/06

Enterprise security executives need to make practices such as safe USB use and discreet handling of patient or customer data as commonplace as not accepting luggage from strangers in airports or wearing a seat belt when driving.

Microsoft looks for ways to combat Blue Pill, code-signing bypass, 08/07/06

After security researcher Joanna Rutkowska Thursday demonstrated how it’s possible to circumvent security in Microsoft’s Vista beta software and install a rootkit called Blue Pill, Microsoft said it intends to find ways to stop both potential threats ...

Testers question stability of latest Vista beta, 08/07/06

What began as a murmur a few months back is turning into an audible grumble as beta testers and experts question the stability of the latest Windows Vista beta and Microsoft itself hints at yet another release delay.

NAC, VoIP security draw questions at Black Hat, 08/07/06

At the Black Hat conference this week, security researchers drew attention to shortcomings in network access control and VoIP products, voicing criticisms that rang true to some enterprise network customers.


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