BlackBerry Trojan malware developed

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BlackBerry Trojan malware developed, 08/09/06

Got a BlackBerry? For Pete's sake, don't go for the free tic-tac-toe download. At Defcon, security researcher Jesse D'Aguanno announced what he said is the first Trojan horse malware for...

Cisco firewall vulnerability could compromise the VPN, 08/08/06

The Cisco PIX firewall vulnerability highlighted at last week's Black Hat conference is of concern to anyone using the firewall's capability to ...

Fighting plagiarism, 08/08/06

Terril Yue Jones recently wrote a summary of the effects of widespread plagiarism on educators.

PC with veterans' data missing from VA subcontractor, 08/08/06

A desktop PC containing the personal information of up to 36,000 U.S. military veterans has gone missing from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs subcontractor Unisys, the VA announced Monday.

Trojan data-stealer hijacks ICMP traffic, 08/08/06

A Trojan has been discovered that attempts to evade detection by sending stolen data back to its criminal creators using the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) back channel.

Trojan malware takes a bite out of BlackBerry, 08/08/06

Security researcher Jesse D'Aguanno has developed what he bills as the first Trojan horse malware for Research in Motion's (RIM's) BlackBerry e-mail device.

Could your keyboard spy on you?, 08/08/06

Researchers say that small devices called "JitterBugs" could piggyback onto network connections to discreetly send passwords and other sensitive data over the Internet.

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