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Microsoft looks for ways to combat Blue Pill, code-signing bypass, 08/07/06

After security researcher Joanna Rutkowska Thursday demonstrated how it’s possible to circumvent security in Microsoft’s Vista beta software and install a rootkit called Blue Pill, Microsoft said it intends to find ways to stop both potential threats ...

NAC, VoIP security draw questions at Black Hat, 08/07/06

At the Black Hat conference this week, security researchers drew attention to shortcomings in network access control and VoIP products, voicing criticisms that rang true to some enterprise network customers.

U.K. security guru lays into database vendors, 08/07/06

Noted security researcher David Litchfield has again panned the state of database security, revealing another clutch of vulnerabilities in the software of a major vendor.

Black Hat attendees: Protecting corporate assets is first priority, 08/04/06

Why do people throng to the Black Hat conference Las Vegas in August? To protect their key business assets from attackers, according to a survey conducted Wednesday at the show.

Unpatched flaw revealed in Cisco firewall, 08/04/06

Cisco just can't seem to make it through the Black Hat USA conference unscathed. On Wednesday a security researcher showed how an unpatched vulnerability in the company's PIX firewall appliances that could allow outside attackers to gain access ...

Juniper researcher Michael Lynn crashes Cisco party at Black Hat, 08/03/06

The invite-only party last night that Cisco held at a nightclub for Black Hat conference attendees was crashed by security researcher Michael Lynn, who last year was sued by Cisco for revealing a serious ...

Researcher discloses serious Xerox flaw, 08/03/06

Xerox is scrambling to update a security patch following the disclosure of a major security flaw in its WorkCenter multifunction printers.

Management apps could pose security risk, 08/03/06

Insecure coding and loose deployments of enterprise management applications could turn antivirus, patch management and systems management applications into powerful and malicious botnets, according to research presented at the Black Hat Briefings ...

FBI joins with industry to tackle ID theft, 08/02/06

The FBI is stepping up its fight against online fraud with a new initiative called Operation Identity Shield, according to a senior FBI official.

MacBook hit with wireless hack, 08/02/06

Security researchers David Maynor and Jon Ellch performed a digital drive-by Wednesday at the Black Hat USA conference. Their target: an Apple MacBook.

Researcher creates 'Net neutrality test, 08/02/06

A Seattle-based security researcher has devised a way to test for 'Net neutrality.

NAC solutions vulnerable to attack, 08/02/06

Network access control technology has been promoted as the savior of beleaguered enterprise networks, but enterprise IT managers who are hanging their hat on client health screening should think again, according to security expert Ofir Arkin of Insightix.

Black Hat Conference puts spotlight on NAC, Vista and rootkits, 07/31/06

The annual Black Hat Conference, which opens July 29 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, brings together security researchers and vendors in a freewheeling atmosphere aimed at laying bare the risks and vulnerabilities in IT products.

Cisco to be under scrutiny again, 07/24/06

Cisco's products will again come under scrutiny again at this year's Black Hat USA 2006 conference, which kicks off later this month in Las Vegas.


SpeechTEK show highlights the right way to use speech technology, 08/08/06

At the SpeechTEK conference going on this week in New York, attendees are hearing advice about how to deploy speech-based technologies without sacrificing customer service.

Microsoft adds IVR technology to VoIP hub, 08/08/06

Microsoft Tuesday added yet another piece to the IP-based backend it is creating for real-time communications when it announced that its voice recognition technology would be folded into its forthcoming VoIP hub.


Trojan malware takes a bite out of BlackBerry, 08/08/06

Security researcher Jesse D'Aguanno has developed what he bills as the first Trojan horse malware for Research in Motion's (RIM's) BlackBerry e-mail device.


Linux event shows move to mainstream, 08/07/06

Conference agenda indicative of a maturing Linux.


Hacktivismo releases secure IM for dissidents, 07/24/06

People trying to communicate across oppressive national firewalls could be interested in ScatterChat, a secure IM application developed by an international group of hackers, human rights activists, lawyers and security experts.

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