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LinuxWorld reporter’s notebook: A call to arms for the open source community, 08/16/06

The LinuxWorld Conference & Expo kicked off Tuesday with a keynote by Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig who told a packed audience that the open source community’s work doesn’t end with an operating system and applications.

BPM latest app to be 'open sourced', 08/15/06

Open source business models continue to permeate the enterprise applications market, with business process management the latest software to get a makeover, courtesy of formerly closed-source vendor Adaptive Planning.

AMD launches 'Rev F' Opteron server chip, 08/15/06

Advanced Micro Devices Tuesday released a new version of its Opteron processor, the popular server chip that has made AMD a serious competitor of rival Intel.

SMB - Start-up launches SMB Linux package in US, 08/15/06

Start-up Linux vendor Collax launched its flagship product in the United States at LinuxWorld Tuesday, aiming the turnkey business software package at small and midsize business customers that don't have much experience with the open source operating system.

IBM expands open-source plan beyond Linux, 08/15/06

IBM is expanding its open-source strategy beyond Linux by targeting eight new technology areas where it will focus open-source attention going forward.

Linux provides many benefits other than cost-cutting, says CIO panel - Network ..., 08/15/06

Rather than looking to open source software solely for cost cutting, enterprise customers should take a broader look at the free software and bring in community-built applications in areas where it best meets business demands, a panel of CIOs agreed.

Zmanda, Cleversafe debut open storage, 08/15/06

Two storage companies, Zmanda and Cleversafe, launched software and open source projects this week at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

Lenovo debuts Linux ThinkPads, 08/15/06

Lenovo Tuesday announced the availability of the ThinkPad T60p, its first laptop computer preloaded with the Linux operating system.

Novell gets more 'passionate' about Linux, 08/15/06

If you ask any Novell watcher to rate the software vendor's abilities, the chances are that observer will give the company a low grade for marketing. Novell has struggled with how to position its products for years and now hopes it's finally on the ...

Oracle enhances Linux pretesting program, 08/15/06

Oracle is doubling the number of Linux systems pretested by its Validated Configurations program.

Phone enables Linux application tests, 08/15/06

Trolltech plans to begin offering developers a Linux-based phone that can be used to test how mobile applications work on a live cellular network, the creator of software development tools said on Tuesday.

Ingres, rPath talk up software appliance, 08/15/06

Ingres Tuesday intends to provide more details about its upcoming software appliance, a tight coupling of its open source database with rPath's Linux distribution that is designed to simplify system maintenance.

Palamida, Black Duck advance IP wares, 08/14/06

Palamida and Black Duck Software, both of which provide intellectual property compliance services, are using the occasion of the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco this week to reveal product expansions.

Zimbra, Scalix upgrade messaging platforms, 08/14/06

Messaging and collaboration vendors Zimbra and Scalix this week are expected to update their wares with new collaboration tools, XML-based integration features, synchronization technology and management controls.

IBM to boost desktop Linux with Sametime, 08/14/06

IBM added to its repertoire of enterprise desktop Linux software Monday, announcing that its Lotus Sametime instant messaging client software will be able to run on the open-source operating system by the end of the summer.

Linux groups team up on mobile standards, 08/14/06

Two groups pushing mobile Linux are now working together to get more devices based on the open-source operating system out into the world.

HP adds Debian support, 08/14/06

HP is expected to unveil expanded support for Linux - adding Debian to its portfolio - and Advanced Micro Devices plans to show off its next-generation Opteron processor, which improves performance and on-chip virtualization technology, as LinuxWorld Conference & Expo kicks off this week in San Francisco.


Cisco can't reproduce Black Hat flaw, 08/15/06

Cisco has been unable to reproduce a security flaw reported in its PIX firewall appliance earlier this month, the networking company said Tuesday.

Security in Practice Neswsletter: Black Hat shows why no network is safe, 08/14/06

Having just returned from my first Black Hat experience, I can say it was outstanding. From the engagement of the crowd to the quality of the speakers to the controversy of the subject matter, my only regret was leaving after the first day.


CIO warns many IT workers face dangerous stress, 08/15/06

When it comes to testing an IT system, William Cross, the CIO of Seminole Electric Cooperative in Tampa, Fla., uses an approach that his staff describes as "brutal." But it's a system Cross hopes will avoid sleep-disturbing middle-of-the-night ...

IBM mainframe beta testers say bug battles worth it, 08/14/06

Mainframe beta testers may be different from ordinary IT users. They're willing to put up with conference calls that last hours and the extra work of fixing problems that are inevitable in an early release. But even though there are hassles, some ...

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