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* Server fun on YouTube

I read something this week about workers spending as much as two hours a day surfing the Web for personal business. John Dix, Network World's editor-in-chief tells me that YouTube streams 100 million video clips a day.

Well to contribute to this 100 million and to show you I had way too much time on my hands last week, I searched on YouTube for videos about 'servers'. I found some absolutely hilarious clips from Sun and some predictable videos of people getting revenge on a server that had crapped out on them.

One video shows the resilience of modern storage arrays, including server processor units. HP contracted National Technical Systems to take a rifle to an HP storage server at NTS' Ballistics Test Center. Watch what happens to the server and the gold fish test assistant.

The next three video clips are courtesy of Sun to promote its CoolThreads technology, its x86/x64 servers and its storage technologies. I don't know if these are internal promotional sales films or who posted them on YouTube:

* "More is more - CoolThreads Servers from Sun" - IT manager finds way to cope with the need for more server space.

* "Funny video about storage from Sun" - IT manager supersizes storage.

* "Funny video about x86/x64 servers" - IT manager finds imaginative ways to get maximum ROI out of capital expenditures.

IT administrator could share the pain of the IT guys in these three videos: a server administrator who rails against Veritas' BackupExec; a server room flooding that is reminiscent of Katrina; and although it is about Macintosh workstations, a video from a guy who (using explicit language) explains why he is really angry about Macs.

For some satisfying anger release, you can watch users explode, destroy and demolish old or decrepit servers:

* "The exploding Web server"

* "Server drop"

And if your budget doesn't allow for a scooter to get you from one end of the server room to the other, try taking a Compaq server for a spin.

Who knows what you'll find on YouTube among its 100 million video streams a day. Let me know which video is your favorite and if you have had familiar experiences with servers.

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