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WANs, VoIP and Convergence: More All-Stars.

Inergy Automotive Systems

WAN QoS delivers the goods.

When your customers include the world's largest automakers, proponents of customized manufacturing and just-in-time delivery, your enterprise applications and network must operate at peak performance and security. Such is the reason Inergy Automotive Systems, a maker of plastic fuel-delivery systems and fluid-storage technologies, began consolidating enterprise servers and applications and plotting its migration to a converged infrastructure.QoS is the cornerstone of our consolidation and convergence strategy," says Arun DeSouza, CISO and manager of global assurance at Inergy in Troy, Mich.


From the first quarter of 2005 through the first quarter of 2006, Inergy rolled out Packeteer's QoS technologies (PacketShaper, Report Center and Policy Center) across its network. These guarantee mission-critical applications all the bandwidth they need, whenever they need it. Benefits of this $300,000 QoS project are numerous, including an average 300% bandwidth gain via compression, enhanced security and traffic control, DeSouza says.

"WAN optimization most significantly enhanced [IT's] credibility in the eyes of the business through reliable quality of service and guaranteed user experience for critical applications."

- Arun desouza, CISO, inergy


Accelerating applications across the WAN.

As a global supply chain integrator, Paccess maintains a steady stream of application traffic between its headquarters in Portland, Ore., and countries in Asia. With transcontinental traffic reaching 6GB daily across relatively low-speed MPLS links, application performance was beginning to suffer greatly, says Nina Palludan, vice president of IT.

Paccess fixed the problem without having to boost bandwidth on its expensive Asian links by applying multipurpose WAN acceleration appliances from Juniper Networks. The WXC appliances provide file and e-mail compression, Common Internet File System acceleration, information caching and QoS-based traffic prioritization.

The company has achieved an ROI in less than six months while reducing bandwidth consumption by 50% and application latency by 60%, Palludan reports. She shares this lesson learned from her Enterprise All-Star project: "Never deploy the device to a location where you don't intend to keep it, because your users will not allow you to take it away.

"The difference is that noticeable. We received several e-mails within 24 hours of deployment from users saying 'whatever you did to the network - don't undo it.'"

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