Consortium releases authentication algorithm

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Consortium releases authentication algorithm, 09/22/06

Businesses have to facilitate sharing of data over the network, while preventing theft or unauthorized access of that data in an increasingly hostile environment. Organizations must be able to establish the identity of the remote entity with ...

Learning spammers' tricks doesn't mean less junk, 09/22/06

The industry is learning more and more about tricks used by spammers to get their unwanted messages across, as evidenced by a handful of research studies made public this month from university and vendor labs. But even as their tricks are revealed ...

Sigaba updates e-mail security and statement generation products, 09/22/06

Security vendor Sigaba announced this week upgrades to its e-mail security and statement-generation software packages.

New security group patches latest IE bug, 09/22/06

Microsoft may be waiting until next month to patch a nasty bug in Outlook and Internet Explorer, but security researchers are offering users a more immediate option.

Backspin: DRM, consumers and the God chip, 09/22/06

The argument for using SVP is that video piracy costs the industry money. The alliance references the Motion Picture Association of America's claim of $61 billion of lost revenue in 2005. This is, of course, a hugely debatable number and presupposes ...

'Net Buzz: If it's important for the military, why not us?, 09/22/06

The Department of Defense and an e-mail encryption company called PostX are about to announce that PostX has been chosen to fix what has long been a thorny problem for the military: ensuring that absentee ballots of soldiers serving overseas get ...

BitTorrent takes on movie download rivals, 09/22/06

Ashwin Navin, co-founder and president of file-sharing software developer BitTorrent, thinks that advertising-supported content will win out over digital rights management in the long run for movie and TV show downloads. But his company is embracing ...

INTEROP - Experts advise caution on implementing NAC, 09/22/06

Security researchers and experts this week cautioned network administrators to consider carefully whether they need to implement network access control technology in their security infrastructure before buying in to the current hype surrounding it.

U.S. Commerce Department reports loss of 1,137 laptops, 09/22/06

The U.S. Commerce Department reported that 1,137 laptops have been lost or stolen since 2001, with 249 of them containing some degree of personal data.

Booze-thieves beware: Utah has its video eye on you, 09/22/06

Liquor stores keep an eye out for anyone pilfering bottles off the shelf, and in Utah, where the state has a monopoly on the sale of alcoholic beverages, watching for thieves gets a boost from digital video surveillance technology over the state’s ...

Microsoft gets credit for tightening security, 09/22/06

CodeRed, Nimda and Blaster. These high-profile worms, which exploited flaws in Microsoft's Windows operating system and other applications, made Microsoft the butt of security jokes and forced the company to reexamine its approach to developing secure ...

Information-sharing an obstacle in cyber war games, 09/21/06

The results of an international cyberwar game that involved Australia were released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's National Cyber Security Division last week.

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