Don't blame VoIP for Vonage's Bellyflop

Johnson: Don't blame VoIP for Vonage's Bellyflop, 09/25/06

Remember Vonage? Back in May, the Internet VoIP company held its much-anticipated IPO, which investors and various pundits were predicting would showcase the triumph of "next-generation" VoIP services over the old, tired offerings of the Bells.

Rothman: Security awareness Cisco-style, 09/25/06

Now Cisco is turning its attention to security awareness, and it's a very compelling story. First, I am a huge fan of security awareness training. I think much of the hot water we find ourselves in daily could be avoided by teaching unsophisticated ...

Wireless Security: Defending your clients against wireless hackers with sniffers, 09/25/06

Can you explain how clients probing for preferred networks can be exploited?

Cool Tools: Networked GPS offered better traffic info, 09/25/06

It's DemoFall 2006 time, and here are two cool product launches happening at this week's show in San Diego. More cool products online at

Kaplan: Stirring the soup of service providers, 09/25/06

Recent acquisitions in the managed-services and software-as-a-service segments of the IT industry are not only clear signs that these new methods of dealing with age-old technology challenges are winning broad-based acceptance, but also that they are ...

Nutter's Help Desk: Getting a Linksys wireless router and a PIX to work together, 09/25/06

There is a Linksys wireless router (WRT54G) with the Internet going into the one of the 4 LAN switch plugs. Another line comes out and goes to a Cisco PIX router. One more line comes off of the LAN ports and plugs into the WAN port. I figured this ...

Editorial: MPLS, NAC shine at Interop, 09/25/06

Although the New York version of the Interop conference didn't draw huge crowds last week, those that made the trek seemed pleased with educational sessions covering everything from network access control to MPLS.

Anderson: Medicine: The next big thing, 09/25/06

So I invited the honchos of Boston medicine over to my house to hear Kessler. These are the people who run the establishment, whose credentials are irrefutable, who have made their careers and their hospitals fortresses. At first, they humored Kessler ...

Bradner: The 'Net: Open field for political comment, 09/25/06

There are rules, however, and anyone wanting to exercise their rights to discuss political issues on the Internet should have some understanding of them. The Center for Democracy and Technology has just put up a Web site to help people understand what ...

Dr. Internet: Why hospitals ban cell phones, 09/25/06

Do you know why using a cell phone in a hospital unit could be a problem, when that same hospital provides wireless network service for visitors and patient rooms in the same areas?

'Net Buzz: If it's important for the military, why not us? 09/22/06

The Department of Defense and an e-mail encryption company called PostX are about to announce that PostX has been chosen to fix what has long been a thorny problem for the military: ensuring that absentee ballots of soldiers serving overseas get ...

Backspin: DRM, consumers and the God chip, 09/22/06

The argument for using SVP is that video piracy costs the industry money. The alliance references the Motion Picture Association of America's claim of $61 billion of lost revenue in 2005. This is, of course, a hugely debatable number and presupposes ...

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