Revelation: A NetWare Loadable Module that's still around

* Revelation NLM running on NetWare

Many, many press releases cross my desk (including "news stories" that simply reiterate press releases). Well, these days, they usually just cross my inbox on their way to the trashcan. I rarely get past the headline and first paragraph before deciding that there's nothing in it for me or my readers. So it was odd a couple of weeks ago when I read the headline, "Revelation Software releases Universal Driver Heavy (UDH)," which the press release elaborated on: "The Universal Driver Heavy is client/server software designed to allow real time mirroring of Revelation Linear Hash data. It is designed to handle intensive Revelation applications that need to scale up and have high availability."

That didn't mean much to me.

But in a story I was reading, the line: "This suite of products is designed to help scale Revelation based database systems on Windows, Linux and Novell networks..." either was being redundant when referring to Linux and Novell networks or, possibly, might be saying something of interest to NetWare managers.

Now Revelation is a company I've known for years. It was founded the same time that NetWare was first seeing the light of day - back in 1982. Through the 1980s, it was a strong competitor in the database management field to dBase, rBase, Sybase and even Oracle. But I hadn't heard much about Revelation recently, and I don't pay a lot of attention to database development. But if it wants to say something about NetWare, then it's worth my attention.

If you browse to the Revelation Network Products page and glance down to the middle, you'll see a section entitled "For Netware Networks - The Revelation NLM:" An NLM! (For you really new kids on the block, an "NLM" is a NetWare Loadable Module - an application which runs on a NetWare, real NetWare, server.)

Yes, there is a Revelation NLM. In two versions: Version 5.5 for NetWare 5.0 or higher. And Version 1.5 for NetWare 3.x or 4.x! There's even a "Yes! Tested and approved" certification from Novell - issued in 1998, but still effective for the Revelation NLM running on NetWare 3.12 or 4.11.

Now I'm not going to claim that Revelation running on NetWare 4.11 is going to challenge Oracle on Solaris or SQLServer running on Windows 2003 Server for speed or efficiency. But it just might be a whole lot more secure. At any rate, if you've got NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x or 6.x servers hanging about not being fully utilized (and, frankly, when was the last time any NetWare server broke a sweat), you might want to check out Revelation's Benchmark test results for its products running on NetWare - you could be pleasantly surprised. Security and efficiency, isn't that what we've always known about NetWare?

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