Cisco, Juniper face unique challenges

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Opinion: Cisco, Juniper face unique challenges, 01/30/06

Two weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity of speaking with two of networking's top CEOs within hours of each other: Cisco's John Chambers and Juniper's Scott Kriens. They're both eyeing the same big opportunity in the enterprise - the next generation ...

Nutter's Help Desk: Using VLANs on a small network, 01/30/06

I manage four Novell servers - two NW6.5sp2 and two NW5.0sp6a. These servers provide services to 5 buildings. These 5 buildings are part of a much larger campus encompassing approximately 40 buildings but I don't service those other buildings. The ...

3Com brings outsider in as new CEO, 01/27/06

3Com tapped R. Scott Murray as its new president and CEO, taking over immediately for retiring chief executive Bruce Claflin.

Weblog: 3Com's new direction, 01/27/06

It didn't take long for 3Com to find its new CEO. The network vendor chose R. Scott Murray, former CEO of supply chain services provider Modus Media International, as it's next top executive. So now two of the arguably most important posts in 3Com are ...

High-speed LANs Newsletter: Chelsio strikes two deals for adapters, 01/26/06

In the past week Chelsio Communications has announced two deals for its getting its TCP/IP Offload Engine into other products.

Juniper hits target for Q4, 01/25/06

Juniper posted fourth quarter results generally in line with analyst expectations.

Weblog: No waning for the LAN market, 01/25/06

Analysts at the Dell'Oro Group say the worldwide Ethernet switch market will grow steadily over the next several years, from $14.6 billion in 2004 to $18.3 billion by 2010. But of these billions being spent on LAN gear, where should your dollars go? ...

Opinion: What WLANs everywhere could mean, 01/24/06

LANs have a fairly long history now of changing the way businesses operate. With the explosion in recent years of LANs going wireless in homes and businesses ...


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