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Next week is Novell's annual BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City. For the second time in three years (but also only the second time in 19 years) I won't be there. This isn't a comment on Novell and NetWare, but a reaction to the planned visit of my one-year-old granddaughter whom I've only seen briefly and that was 10 months ago. Jack Messman or little Mari Kearns. Not a hard decision to make!

But I do know that many of you will be making the annual trek to the Salt Palace. I encourage you to talk among yourselves and discuss your plans for the future of your networks. How long can you keep those NetWare servers running? One rumor I heard this week is that there are already plans to end all support for NetWare within four years. I haven't been able to confirm this, but no one has denied it either.

Schedule some time (or just drop in) for unorganized discussions at the Port O'Call (or the Dead Goat) after the official sessions end for the day. You can either form some strong relationships in the NetWare community - or simply drown your sorrows over NetWare's future.

Learn all you can about the new Linux desktop I mentioned in the last issue - it could be more important to you in the short run than the Linux servers. And don't forget Novell's other technologies - eDirectory, GroupWise, ZENworks and more.

No matter what, I do encourage you to e-mail me with your impressions of the week, your impressions of the latest "new" Novell and your impressions of how the NetWare faithful are being treated. I promise to share with everyone, but I'll keep your name out of it if you prefer. I'm sorry I won't be there with you, but maybe next year - if there's still a Novell to host BrainShare!

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