Has open source changed the game?

Editorial: Has open source changed the game? 04/24/06

A panel of open source CEOs took the stage at the recent LinuxWorld conference for a panel called "The death of the enterprise software business model." While one-sided, the discussion provided insight into the opportunities and challenges facing the ...

Blum: Authentication: Where's the magic factor? 04/24/06

As cybercrime threatens online banking security and technologists debate the efficacy of two-factor authentication solutions, business and technical questions remain.

Johnson: VPLS: Building on the success of MPLS, 04/24/06

VPLS lets carriers create a service that looks and feels just like a wide-area LAN, but is more robust and reliable. In case of failure anywhere in the network, the carrier will route a user's traffic along backup paths automatically.

'Net Buzz: More about those 'desktop TVs,' 04/24/06

Last week we opened a discussion about the ongoing proliferation of TV-like viewing opportunities being dangled in front of every office worker with a PC and a broadband connection. I asked the recipients of my e-mail list - The Buzzblog Brigade - how they felt about this trend . . . and predictably most everyone who weighed in is none too pleased.

Bradner: E911 plans fail to impress, 04/24/06

A package showed up on my desk the other day from the National Emergency Number Association. It contained three copies of the association's new publication on positioning E911 for an IP-enabled future. The NENA publication is more - or less - than I...

Rothman: Obscurity vs. business reality, 04/24/06

It seems that after my last Insider column, a lot of people think xenophobia is acceptable. This boggles my mind, but as I'm entitled to my opinion - as is everyone else - let's see whether I can't slay another sacred cow of the new security thinking.

Cool Tools: Linksys announces draft 802.11n products, 04/24/06

Also: Fujitsu gives new meaning to 'ultraportable' laptop; T-Mobile ships BlackBerry 8700g

Backspin: Content management vs. DRM, 04/24/06

Digital rights management as applied in the enterprise is primarily another mechanism for control that enables and ensures compliance with laws, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, by creating an audit trail of use and attempted use.

Anderson: The future of disruption, 04/24/06

Clay Christensen dropped by my class at MIT the other day to talk about disruptive technologies in communications. Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor and author of The Innovator’s Solution, pointed out that the incumbent company rarely ...

Dr. Internet: Converting a SQL database to XML, 04/24/06

I want to convert the database definition of an existing SQL database into an XML schema, so I can use the schema with some model-driven development tools to create a new distributed application that works with the data. Are there tools available for ...

Gearhead: Corrections and conversions, 04/24/06

Updates on the Wolverine MVP 60GB Portable Multimedia Storage and Player, converting M4P files and more.

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