Winners of the 2006 Great Storage Haiku Contest, Part 2

* The Grand prize winner and first and second runners-up unveiled

Today, the final roundup of winners in this year’s Great Storage Haiku Contest. But first, a few more “special category” winners.

The "Best Admission by a Vendor Award":

They drink our Kool-Aid

So we sell them even more

Costly maintenance

- P

Award for "Best Insight from Asia":

A bird’s eye view

of ILM: I Love Money

Hear the buzz word

- Sathish Murthy, Singapore

The "Most Confusing Haiku of the Year Award":

Swallows back up nest

Furry bytes executives

Chopin in kilobytes

- Ernst Lopes Cardozo, Aranea Consult BV, The Netherlands (Ernesto works very late at night, and absolutely assures me this was written during third shift).

The “Feel Their Pain Award”:

One terabyte now,

One petabyte tomorrow.

Will it ever end?

- Dave Hitz, NetApp

Special award for "Best Literarily-Appropriate Use of a Pun":

Compliance, small price.

Best there is, reliable.

Against giants terror bites.

-Neal Aronson, Stor4good Consulting.

The "My Disk has a Giggle Byte of Data Award":

Upright, closer now,

Bits standing steady as heads dip

Towards their denseness.

- Anonymous

And now, the moment a few of you have been waiting for… presenting, the winners:

Second Runner-Up, honoring the writer’s clear understanding of life, the universe, and the fact that there may after all be something more important than high tech:

Great array of time

Fossil record still dwarfs all

Lifecycles become clear.

- Dennis Drogseth, EMA

First Runner Up, honoring the writer’s understanding that, when all is said and done, it’s the bottom line, stupid:

Tape or not to tape

Whatever you may decide

Just don’t lose data

- Chris Crouse, Unity Consultants

And the GRAND PRIZE WINNING HAIKU, chosen not because the author sent in lots of entries, but because just about all his stuff really rocked, is:

So many users

Not enough disks in array

Thin provisioning

Dave Hitz, NetApp

Congratulations, Dennis, Chris and Dave!

Dave, in addition to the adulation of friends, relatives and coworkers, you will soon receive this year’s Special Award, a picture of my dog enjoying your poem as best she knows how. I am sure you will come up with a suitable way to display this special tribute to your literary skills.

Next week it will be back to more traditional commentary on the storage industry.


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