JabberNow gets an upgrade

* Jabber releases JabberNow Version 1.1

Last week, Jabber released a significant upgrade of its JabberNow offering, Version 1.1, an appliance that provides an enterprise instant messaging system that is easy to deploy and manage. JabberNow was originally released in late 2005. JabberNow 1.1 obviously supports the Jabber IM system, but also provides support for GoogleTalk and, through Jabber’s AIM Gateway, interoperates with AIM clients. JabberNow 1.1 also supports Microsoft Active Directory through an optional add-on capability.

A key component of JabberNow is the included Messaging Archiving Lite capability that allows organizations to archive the content of IMs. However, a more robust archiving capability is also offered as a plug-in that provides improved reporting capabilities.

JabberNow 1.1 is a good indication of where IM in the workplace is headed. As we discuss in our multiclient report on IM that we released last week, IM in the workplace is gathering steam. At present, IM can be found in 93% of organizations and on the desktops of 34% of e-mail users. However, while enterprise IM has increased its penetration into 54% of organizations, up from 40% in 2002, consumer IM clients continue to dominate the use of IM in the workplace. This can result in a variety of problems, including IM messages sent in clear text, no local routing, no namespace control, no auditing or logging, the easy introduction of IM-borne threats, and so forth. What organizations with consumer IM clients need, therefore, is either a system that will protect an infrastructure of consumer IM clients, or an enterprise-grade IM system.

JabberNow 1.1 has a list price of just under $40 for a basic 200-user deployment.

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