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The New Data Center Special Issue: Managed storage comes of age, 05/22/06

The maxim that timing is everything in business has special application to today's enterprise storage service providers. SSPs have evolved to the point where most experts and users say their time has come.

The New Data Center Special Issue: Utility storage: Right on the money, 05/22/06

MB Financial Bank, one of the largest independent banks in the Chicago area, proclaims it makes banking "betsimpsier": better, simpler, easier. Among the reasons the bank can make such a claim is its use of utility storage, a New Data Center technology.

The New Data Center Special Issue: Virtual tape takes on disaster recovery, 05/22/06

When virtual tape arrived on the scene a few years ago, many storage managers dismissed it as a niche product not sturdy enough for enterprise-class backups. Now this New Data Center technology, which mimics a tape backup library but uses disks as the ...

The New Data Center Special Issue: Continuous data protection gets gussied up, 05/22/06

Continuous data protection tools have become all the rage. They're popular with IT executives developing New Data Center storage plans, because they deliver a time-sensitive approach to backing up and recovering data. But CDP vendors aren't resting on ...

The New Data Center Special Issue: Giving servers the boot, 05/22/06

In response to IT demands for increased efficiency in managing diskless and blade servers, storage-area network vendors have begun crafting next-generation tools that perform advanced server provisioning.

The New Data Center Special Issue: SANs on the move, 05/22/06

Because of the large-scale growth in data, many of today's storage-area networks have evolved considerably from their early, well-contained deployments. Corporate IT executives are pushing SANs to their limits - in size, complexity and functionality ...

Review: Anthology's appliance does NAS well and lots more, 05/22/06

With capacities now reaching 1TB or higher, network-attached storage appliances may soon steal thunder in the entry-level file server market from leader Microsoft. With continued development in their operating systems, some of these NAS boxes may ...

Start-ups zero in on Microsoft backup, storage, 05/19/06

A new breed of companies is focused on protecting Microsoft servers running at small and midsize businesses. The companies, such as Idera, Meridio and XOsoft, specialize in backing up, archiving or otherwise protecting systems running programs such as ...

Storage Weblog: Symantec suit speaks volumes, 05/19/06

Symantec sued Microsoft this week over the misappropriation of its volume management ...

Symantec sues Microsoft; requests halt to Vista development, 05/18/06

Symantec on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Microsoft alleging that the software giant violated a contract over the use of intellectual property and used the technology to develop a competing product.

China's Baidu, IBM team up for Lotes Notes search, 05/18/06

IBM plans to add's hard-disk search technology in Lotus Notes as part of a technology partnership, the two companies announced Wednesday.

Storage Newsletter: Winners of the 2006 Great Storage Haiku Contest, Part 2, 05/18/06

Today, the final roundup of winners in this year’s Great Storage Haiku Contest. But first, a few more “special category” winners.

HP to consolidate its data centers, 05/17/06

In a move expected to cut IT spending by $1 billion, HP is consolidating its 85 data centers into six, the company said Wednesday.

Vendors set emergency remote access rates, 05/17/06

Remote access vendors are introducing flexible licensing plans so when disasters like a potential bird-flu outbreak hit, businesses can temporarily increase the number of people working from home quickly and inexpensively.


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