Big bank goes phishing

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Big bank goes phishing, 05/12/06

AmSouth is the current poster child for how to do security wrong, encourage phishing by illegal entities and offer no alternative to this lame attempt at identity verification.

Security analyzers target vulnerabilities, 05/12/06

Protocol abuse targets vulnerabilities in many types of devices and applications, from firewalls, VoIP controllers and VPN gateways to intrusion-prevention systems and other perimeter defense.

Workshare appliance aims to expose content leaks,Device gives companies a glimpse of ..., 05/12/06

Workshare this week is expected to announce a tool to help users get a handle on how much confidential and sensitive information is distributed inappropriately outside company boundaries.

Florida theater chain hit by virus attack, 05/11/06

Buying tickets online for Tom Cruise's latest movie became a Mission: Impossible for some theater goers last weekend thanks to a computer virus that gummed up ticket-buying in the southeastern U.S.

Security Weblog: What’s a keynote without an insult?, 05/11/06

When IT execs get to deliver a keynote address, standing in front of thousands of IT professionals attending a conference, what’s one thing they often can’t resist? That’s right, insulting their industry rivals! Here’s a sampling from just the one ...

GFI adds Grisoft’s antivirus engine to e-mail content filtering, 05/11/06

Security company GFI Software Thursday announced an upgrade to its MailSecurity content filtering software that includes new antivirus features.

Simple idea could solve tricky RFID privacy issue, 05/11/06

Sometimes innovative ideas are simple. Here's one: an RFID chip with a perforated edge that allows consumers to tear off part of the antenna after purchasing an item, reducing the distance of the signal and easing privacy concerns.


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