Can you trust China for outsourcing?

Editorial: Can you trust China for outsourcing? 05/29/06

China shouldn't be singled out as being particularly dangerous. China and even Russia will likely become world-class players in the outsourcing market, even if our government continues to harbor suspicions.

Lippis: Alcatel + Lucent = Bay Networks, 05/29/06

It only makes sense that as the service provider market consolidates, so too does the industry supply chain. With service providers focusing on broadband, enterprise customers and mobility, further consolidation is likely. With a smaller number of ...

Tolly: Virtualization coming to desktops, 05/29/06

Whether you like it or not, if you are at all involved with selecting the corporate desktop, you are going to have to deal with virtualization. Intel's recent announcement of its vPRO and its attendant publicity campaign will make sure of that.

Bradner: The future library: A 50-petabyte iPod? 05/29/06

I started playing with digitized literature almost 25 years ago. A lot has changed in the digital books biz since then.

Wireless Security: How 802.11w will improve wireless security, 05/29/06

As other wireless working groups extend the functionality of management frames to include sensitive information including radio resource data, location-based identifiers, and fast-roaming information, it becomes clear that security in wireless ...

Backspin: Global warming, a hot time for IT, 05/29/06

It is now official; global warming is real. When I write "official" I don't mean that scientists have finally agreed. By official, I mean President George W. Bush has finally, and one might note grudgingly, admitted that global warming is fact.

Cool Tools: New Treo delivers Nirvana, 05/29/06

Is it too early to call the Treo 700p smart-phone the product of the year? Perhaps, but it has raised the bar for excellence in the mobile device world.

Dzubeck: IT and networking: Convergence or divergence, 05/29/06

Having seen many vendor presentations announcing new products and strategies recently, I've noticed a common thread. The IT world has embraced the concept of total multivendorism based upon agreed-to industry standards.

Gearhead: An Outlook puzzle, some junk, electric sheep, 05/29/06

Yep, when you start poking around in Windows, it is staggering what you can find that is running but doesn't need to be. What brought this topic to mind was finding the Java Update utility, jusched.exe, running on one of our PCs.

Johnson: Telco bashing: It's just their turn, 05/29/06

Some days it seems everything's conspiring against the big telecommunications providers - even themselves.

Nutter's Help Desk: A real time sync, 05/29/06

We recently had to deal with a problem where several of our servers were not keeping in time sync with each other. This got us to look at different ways of getting all devices on our network including the switches, printers, etc to all know about the ...

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