Through your eyes: Running a high-profile e-commerce site

Nine network pros give first-person accounts of working through tough situations.

Ron Rose: CIO,, Norwalk, Conn.

Running a high-profile e-commerce site

Ron RoseCIO,, Norwalk, Conn.

There's a saying in technology - fast, good and cheap, pick two. We try to do all three . . . and we always have a forward-looking view. If you're using yesterday's technology and not anticipating where it's going then you'll never be able to fully utilize the architecture. I've been focusing on trying to create a cohesive data center operating system that operates as a consistent entity. We have consistent management from the routers down to the database to storage and up again.

Ron Rose

Technology is a lot like shooting skeet - if you're not leading the target, you'll never hit it. It's a never-ending adventure.

- As told to Sandra Gittlen

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