Router flaw sparks battle

Latest Cisco news.

Router flaw sparks battle, 08/01/05

Cisco and critics spar over what constitutes responsible disclosure.

WLAN vendors make summer splash, 08/01/05

Most of the news coming out of the wireless LAN industry this summer has been of the product enhancement variety, but this week's debut of start-up Bountiful WiFi is an exception.

The CEO's sidekick, 08/01/05

All the world's a stage for Cisco demo guy Jim Grubb.

Cisco nabs software firm, 08/01/05

Cisco last week announced it has agreed to acquire Sheer Networks, which makes software designed to help service providers and large corporations manage complex networks.

Apps acceleration market in flux, 08/01/05

A run on acquisitions of WAN/LAN acceleration vendors is causing confusion for those exploring the technology, which promises to speed key corporate applications, experts say.

Opinion: Confusion is essence of Cisco's AON, 08/01/05

Ask yourself: Does it make more sense to put a switch in your server or a server in your switch? Common sense would support the former; Cisco proposes the latter.

Opinion: Michael Lynn and Cisco: Stepping in front of the freight train, 08/01/05

Lynn has done us all a great service. What we need are whistle-blower laws for IT to protect people who step forward like this. Unfortunately, when you're in the path of a freight train as Lynn is, it doesn't matter what you know or not. You're going ...

Weblog: Cisco vulnerability posted to Internet, 07/30/05

One day after a security researcher and organizers of the Black Hat USA conference agreed ...

Cisco vulnerability posted to Internet, 07/29/05

One day after a security researcher and organizers of the Black Hat USA conference agreed not to post details of vulnerabilities in Cisco's router software, the information has been published on the Internet.

Layer8: The tale of Cisco, Black Hat and the rogue researcher, 07/29/05

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you're giving an unauthorized talk on unpatched Cisco router exploits, then it's big, big news. That's what ISS researcher Michael Lynn discovered...

Researcher at center of Cisco router-exploit controversy speaks out, 07/28/05

Michael Lynn, the former Internet Security Systems researcher who disclosed information about how unpatched Cisco routers could be hacked, said he is seeking to settle with Cisco and ISS over the controversy.

Cisco, ISS, Michael Lynn and Black Hat sign legal accord, 07/28/05

The dispute between Cisco, Internet Security Systems, the Black Hat conference and a former ISS security expert - who Wednesday at the show revealed information related to hacking Cisco routers - reached a point of legal settlement Thursday.

Furor over Cisco IOS router exploit erupts at Black Hat, 07/28/05

Although Cisco and Internet Security Systems had abruptly cancelled a planned technical talk and demo at the Black Hat Conference to reveal how unpatched Cisco routers can be remotely compromised, the researcher who had originally uncovered the ...

Weblog: IT not a competitive advantage? Hell no, say these executives, 07/28/05

On Wednesday evening, I had the pleasure of co-moderating - along with my Vortex partner Geoffrey Moore - a very lively panel discussion, hosted by the Churchill Club, on the topic of "creating competitive advantage through information technology."

Radio: Black Hat wrangling, 08/01/05

Network World Test Alliance member Rodney Thayer joins the program from the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas to discuss the legal wrangling of researcher Michael Lynn. A former ISS staffer, Lynn exposed a previously unknown exploit for Cisco ...

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