Ping ID to host first users group meeting

* Ping ID hosts user meeting alongside Digital ID World

Next month, in conjunction with Digital ID World in San Francisco, Ping Identity will hold its first (I believe) PingFederate Users Group meeting. The meeting is free to all members of the users group. Membership of the users group is free to everyone who uses the PingFederate server. The PingFederate server is free to download from Ping Identity. See a pattern here?

<aside> PingFederate isn't exactly "free" (see "Ping ID releases PingFederate v2.0", but does come with a 100,000 transaction license at no charge. </aside>

Federation is becoming a mainstream technology topic, as evidenced by a recent Computerworld article, "Joining the Federation" (,10801,100800,00.html):

"The latest word to be reinvented by IT is federation. It describes technology unions relying on new forms of data integration. Federation languished for eons in the linguistic backwaters, competing with the likes of league and union to describe political liaisons, for better or for worse. Reinvented with a techno spin, it's now as hot as lofts in a gentrified warehouse district."

And just as you'd like to get in on the real estate ground floor before gentrification occurs, so too should you want to be fully cognizant of "federation" and its implications before federation specialists become a hot commodity.

While you might be tempted to call the users group meeting a marketing ploy, it's a ploy that delivers good value for no investment. Not a bad deal, and one that's better than some high-priced seminars. Topics to be covered tentatively include:

* Deployment case studies.

* Implementing SAML for internal and partner Web single sign-on.

* Leveraging federation.

* How to identity enable and secure Web services leveraging federation.

* How to leverage strong authentication in federation.

* How to leverage the Windows logon for federated singled sign-on.

* Federation best practices.

* Technology, deployment and legal frameworks.

* Top 10 deployment lessons learned.

Attendees will also walk away with a detailed PingFederate demonstration, a free copy of PingFederate, and an in-depth technical Q&A. The session will take place on Monday, May 9 from 1:00 - 4:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Embarcadero, San Francisco, also the site of Digital ID World. You do need to register ( for this free event and space is probably limited, so you should do that now.

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