Check Point set to defend security turf

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Check Point set to defend security turf, 04/11/05

Check Point next month intends to announce its major software upgrade of the year - a package that will include VoIP improvements and enhanced auditing - in a move industry experts call critical to the company's long-term success.

Opinion: New FCC head has bigger bugs to fry, 04/11/05

I'm hoping new FCC Chairman Kevin Martin will spare a few minutes to address critical issues that have the potential to dramatically reshape the face of communications services in the 21st century. These include ...

IAX protocol simplifies VoIP, 04/11/05

Instead of using Real-time Protocol, IAX uses User Datagram Protocol over a single Internet port (Port 4569) to transmit and receive signaling and media. IAX easily traverses firewalls and uses much less overhead than RTP.

Compendium: Skype me? Why?, 04/08/05

Kasia wonders about people with Skype Me buttons on their Web sites : You'd have to be either: (a) so enamored with anything new, scripty and techy that you don't even notice how asinine and useless it really is. or (b) Desperate for human contact, ...

AOL starts rolling out 'Net phone service, 04/07/05

AOL on Thursday began the nationwide rollout of an Internet phone service for subscribers to its Internet service.

Newsletter: Vonage wins one lawsuit, faces another, 04/06/05

Vonage is certainly setting some legal precedents when it comes to VoIP.

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