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So, you've got a project to run and you need the project team involved in the process to make sure things keep moving forward. While you might try to make a desktop-based solution work, there are real limitations that come with project management applications. Common complaints are that they are too complex, the various functional areas are not well integrated enough, or that they are platform specific.

Given the focus of this newsletter, you won't be surprised that I am going to suggest that you consider a Web-based task management tool, such as the one from King Designs (see editorial links below) called Tasks Pro.

The company refers to its product as a to-do list, which rather underplays its features. For a start, Tasks Pro isn't a simple list - it allows you to create unlimited tasks and sub-tasks along with access controls and automatic e-mail notifications. Users can add notes to tasks, and you can even publish task calendars!

Written in PHP, the latest version of Tasks Pro includes support for recurring tasks (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, bi-annual, and so on); task templates which can create entire task hierarchies (templates can even be created from existing tasks); and ad-hoc e-mail notifications to any or all of your project team when a task is created, completed, or updated. Individual users can receive daily e-mail reminders of their tasks and status.

Tasks Pro supports full localization and can be themed with your own color scheme and logo.

You can subscribe to your personal or group calendar to view your tasks using iCalendar compatible software and there's even the ability to publish RSS feeds for individual and or group tasks. And a lightweight interface for PDAs and smart phones is available (with automatic redirection to the mobile interface when you log on from a mobile device).

One thing that stands out is that despite having a sophisticated and rich DHTML user interface (which incidentally looks very good) the product is remarkably responsive.

Tasks Pro can be self-hosted requiring a Windows, Max OS X or Linux host running Apache (recommended) or IIS Web server with MySQL (tested on Version 3.23 and 4.0.16), and PHP 4.1 or greater. Pricing starts at $25 per user with volume discounts. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a hosted version called UseTasks starting at $8.95 per month for five users and volume discounts also apply.

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