Cisco to buy VoIP gear maker Sipura

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Cisco to buy VoIP gear maker Sipura, 04/26/05

Cisco Tuesday announced it has agreed to acquire VoIP vendor Sipura Technology for integration into its Linksys Group division.

Storage networks get help from WAN accelerators, 04/25/05

Businesses looking to make consolidated storage networks perform better no longer need to turn to a single-purpose device for help.

Interop 2005 Show Planner, 04/25/05

This year's NetWorld+Interop offers a real-world look at many of the most tempting technologies.

The spin on Cisco's latest acquisition, 04/25/05

With its acquisition of Topspin Communications last week, Cisco is leaping deeper into the corporate data center beyond its traditional role as a high-speed Ethernet switch vendor.

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