Array Networks aims latest SSL VPN box at sites with big connections

* Array Networks' SSL VPN device supports 64,000 concurrent users

Array Networks this week is wheeling out an SSL VPN gateway for heavily used sites with big connections to the Internet.

The company is announcing the SPX5000, a VPN box that would be well suited to a data center. It supports up to 64,000 concurrent users connecting via SSL.

Like all SSL gateways the device sits between network resources and the Internet, authenticating users and establishing what applications approved users can reach.

To help limit the access users have, the device can recognize up to 250 virtual LANs (VLAN) at the main site. So administrators can assign groups of servers to separate VLANs and match those with different users or groups of users to restrict who has access to what.

The device can also set up virtual sites, Array's name for the separate portals it can set up for different classes of users. So for example, one portal might support accessing sales applications and CRM applications, while another might just support sales applications.

The new box supports access to all Web applications and can set up network-layer connections that let users reach traditional client-server applications.

The device is the largest in the three-member SPX family, outstripping the SPX3000 for number of concurrent sessions. The SPX3000 supports only 2,200 users.

Customers that have a large remote staff or are expanding their use of SSL VPNs to large numbers of users - as might happen in inter-business collaborations - might consider this.

Array SPX5000 is available now and costs $40,000 to $100,000, depending on configuration and number of concurrent users it supports.

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