Vexira cleans Linux e-mail servers

* Vexira Antivirus for Mail

Users of Linux-based e-mail servers might want to check out the latest anti-virus and filtering options from Central Command, which announced the latest version of its e-mail security software last week. 

In addition to its anti-virus filtering capabilities, Vexira Antivirus for Mail combines anti-spam and spyware prevention features. The software can be deployed on an e-mail server, or as a separate SMTP relay server, where e-mail is sent to the Vexira system for inspection before hitting the corporate e-mail server. The software works on any Linux server running kernel Version 2.2 or higher.

Targeted at organizations with up to 6,000 e-mail accounts, the Vexira software provides several layers of e-mail scanning to protect corporate networks from malicious message contents, the vendor says. Users can set up blacklists for known spamming addresses, and the server can be configured to learn from e-mail content to identify spam messages. The servers can also be hooked into a service, which updates the server of known spamming content, as well as the latest anti-virus definitions and known spyware code signatures.

For management, users can view Vexira servers in real time through a monitoring application. The software also supports the modification of e-mail headers and subject-line modification, allowing administrators to flag e-mail passed on to end users. The software also supports individual user rules and integrates with LDAP directory applications.

Pricing for Vexira Antivirus Mail starts at $300 for a single domain, single server license.

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