BMC’s Patrol evolves into Performance Manager

* BMC Performance Manager

Last week BMC announced Performance Manager, which the company calls the next generation of Patrol. Essentially, BMC is combining the functionality of Patrol Express and classic Patrol into the new product.

It uses the agentless approach of Patrol Express, but if customers select specific functionality that requires agent technology, the agent will be deployed automatically, without the administrator having to decide where to distribute agents and then having to deploy them in separate installation steps. The agent will be, according to BMC, a “local lightweight presence.”

Performance Manager consolidates management information into a single view, with central configuration, reporting, administration, and the Configuration Management Data Base. The remote service monitor from Patrol Express is the data collector at the site, and it will monitor all servers at that site.

BMC intends to combine Patrol and PE into a single architecture. A majority of the new product is built on PE with enhancements, such as Marimba technology under the covers for distribution of the technology pieces, and the collection technology is made easier. It uses the service-oriented architecture of Patrol Express.

In the first release of Performance Manager, BMC has developed the Performance Manager Portal, a Web-based management console that provides a single view of management data from Patrol, Patrol Express and Service Impact Manager.

Also in this release, BMC is expanding support in Patrol Express for Apache Web Server, Compaq Insight Manager, Dell OpenManage, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss and SAP. There is also added support for monitoring using SNMP traps, Telnet, SH and JMX.

In June, BMC will consolidate the licensing of Patrol and Patrol Express into a single license. Customers will have the flexibility to choose the appropriate level of management for each of their servers, using either the agentless or agent-based capabilities of Performance Manager. They will have single functional licenses across all BMC Performance Manager products. The name changes for licensing will occur in this timeframe.

BMC’s evolution of Patrol begins with the first release of the product, which is now available. BMC states that it is its intention to make the upgrade to Performance Manager as easy as possible, not requiring a significant migration effort. In addition, current Patrol and Patrol Express customers can continue to use those products until they make the decision to upgrade.

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