A grass-roots effort for identity management?

* A grass-roots effort for identity management? * Weatherbug fights negative perceptions * Cisco is all about security * Gibbs gets a blog * If you keep a blog, let us know * Poll: Extortion via DDoS? * The 2005 Enterprise All-Star Awards

A grass-roots effort for identity management?

Identity Management newsletter author Dave Kearns this week notes that several technologies that are used in mainstream business today originally got their start in those businesses because individual users sneaked them in through a back door. The next technology to get sneaked? The answer may surprise you.


Weatherbug fights negative perceptions

Weatherbug is widely cursed by IT professionals everywhere. But does it deserve such a bad rap? ‘Net Buzzer Paul McNamara was intrigued to see Weatherbug on the show floor at Interop hawking an enterprise version of its desktop application and trying to persuade folks that it’s not such a bad app after all.


Cisco is all about security

Cisco is becoming a major player in the security market, mainly to fix problems brought on by Microsoft software, says consultant Nick Lippis in this week’s guest column. Find out what Cisco’s moves mean for you.


Gibbs gets a blog

Have you checked out Gearblog? Mark Gibbs brings his wit and insight into all things IT to the blogosphere. This week he comments on Intel inside Apple, a “really cool personal privacy tool set,” the practice of offshoring (but only slightly), and craigslist in space.


If you keep a blog, let us know

We are looking for readers who keep “interesting” blogs - for a story we’re doing in an upcoming Network World special issue. If you’re a blogger, we want to hear from you. Contact Signature Series Executive Editor Julie Bort at mailto:jbort@nww.com

Poll: Extortion via DDoS?

We recently reported on a growing number of attempts to extort money by threatening denial-of-service attacks against large companies. 'Net Buzz columnist Paul McNamara says anybody who pays such demands should be punished. What do you think? Take our poll and discuss in our new DDoS extortion forum.


The 2005 Enterprise All-Star Awards

Network World's Enterprise All-Star Awards program will honor user organizations that demonstrate exceptional use of network technology to further business objectives. Winners of the Enterprise All-Star Awards serve as role models for their industries, showcasing how technology can reduce spending, improve profits, grow the business or otherwise drastically impact operations. Network World will honor dozens of user organizations from a wide variety of industries, based on a technology category. Enter today:


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