Carriers jump into auditing

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Carriers jump into auditing, 11/29/04

A growing number of major carriers are in effect addressing the problem of inaccurate telecom bills this way: "We'll be happy to review and audit those bills for you, but for a price."

Carrier spending habits changing, 11/29/04

Industry watchers say this year will mark a major milestone in IP networking: U.S. carriers will buy more routers for use in their private, premium-service IP backbones than for the Internet backbone.

Cingular Wireless expects to cut 6,800 jobs post merger, 11/24/04

With its acquisition of AT&T Wireless complete, Cingular Wireless is preparing to lay off about 10% of its 68,000 workers over a 12 to 18-month period starting next year.

Law may snag Philadelphia Wi-Fi rollout, 11/23/04

A proposed Pennsylvania law now on its way to the governor's desk could pose a hurdle for the city of Philadelphia's ambitious plan to provide broadband service throughout the city via Wi-Fi.

Vendor eyes telecom asset mess, 11/29/04

In many ways, Tim Jasinski has a job to envy. As vice president of data services at Marriott International, he enjoys the responsibility of overseeing a network that touches 3,000 hotels and sales offices in dozens of countries and works with cutting-edge technologies, such as IP VPNs.


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