Passlogix spins off self-service password reset utility

* Passlogix releases stand-alone v-GO Self-Service Password Reset

Considering how little the Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH) group of vendors has accomplished (see last week's discussion at, it does generate some passion in both its supporters and detractors.

I was taking to Passlogix CEO Marc Boroditsky last week, mostly about single sign-on (SSO) - after all, that's what the company's specialty is - and we did get sidetracked by OATH, since Passlogix is a member of the group. Boroditsky believes that a standard, well-defined protocol for token-based identity devices would greatly facilitate the spread of SSO to more platforms, applications and services. I've got to respect his opinion on this, because there are few people who understand SSO better.

Passlogix, best known for its v-GO service (which I've referred to as a venerable SSO application,, has been around for almost 10 years but it only recently added a second product to its "mix," a self-service password reset utility.

Automated password reset had long been a part of the V-GO service, but Boroditsky was still pleasantly surprised by the swift acceptance of the new standalone product, v-GO Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR). The latest product is distinguished by the rich array of challenges as well as the intelligent handling of responses that it provides.

For example, you have the ability to control response expectations such as format (mmddyyyy, ##-##-####, etc.), answer length, and case sensitivity. The service also recognizes that some questions are more secure than others and that not all errors and memory lapses should default to helpdesk calls. By providing an experience that's more user-friendly and comes closer to a helpdesk-aided service, Boroditsky thinks that v-GO SSPR has easier acceptance in the user community leading to a more successful rollout (see for one enterprise's surprising experience in rolling out password reset).

Passlogix does one thing (passwords and sign-on) very well. So well that it has partnered with just about everyone in the computer business that has an interest in passwords (Novell, Microsoft, and RSA, just to name a few). Maybe you should be "partnered" with Passlogix, also.

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