Web services require collaboration between net, app staffs

* Web services play role in convergence that requires collaboration

One of the recurring themes in this newsletter is the evolution of convergence beyond the integration of voice and data to also include the applications that sit on top of this infrastructure. Playing into this trend are Web services.

Web services are essentially programming objects. These objects may physically reside anywhere on an IP network, and they may be accessed across that network. However, in a strict definition, this access does not include access at “Layer 7,” where the user actually interacts directly with the object, as with a Web page.

While the definition in the preceding paragraph seems to be widely accepted as a relatively exclusive definition of Web services among application programming staffs, it has relatively limited familiarity in the communications side of the house.

The result is that once again, we seem to be headed down a road where the programming staff is developing applications assuming LAN-like performance while the telecommunications staff is kept, albeit unintentionally, in the dark. And once again we’re headed for a collision course where the network and the applications running over the network are not being developed in lockstep.

There’s a simple solution here: Organizational convergence that enhances communications among the entire IT staff.

In a survey in progress at Webtorials, preliminary results indicate that fewer than 30% of the respondents work for companies where the networking organization and the applications development organization are “totally integrated with frequent interaction.” And while this response represents a larger percentage than any of the other responses, 16% indicated that they have “interaction only when necessary, and often after the fact.”

We’ll continue to share these results with you over the coming weeks. However, in the meantime, we invite you to weigh in on the survey http://www.webtorials.com/survey-04-9.htm

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