Extreme switch packs speed, reliability

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Extreme switch packs speed, reliability, 01/10/05

Extreme Networks this week is expected to launch new switch chassis aimed at letting users link wiring closets directly to the LAN core via 10G Ethernet, while providing low latency and five-nines connectivity for IP phones, PCs and other network devices at the LAN edge.


Test: Voice over Wireless LAN, 01/10/05

VoIP should be an easy fit for wireless LANs, but mixing the two technologies today is difficult. Despite VoIP's low-bandwidth profile, even a small amount of data traffic on the same network can lead to seriously degraded audio quality and dropped calls, even with QoS features enabled. That's the major conclusion of our first-ever assessment of VoIP capability in WLAN systems.


Opinion: Ten predictions for '05, 01/10/05

Last week we reviewed our 2004 predictions (we only got about 50% right this time around), and now it's time to turn our gaze on this new year.


Newsletter: Gartner evaluates range of LAN companies, 01/06/05

Last time, I began relaying some key points from Gartner’s recent “Magic Quadrant” report. This time, let’s look at players other than Cisco and HP.


Newsletter: HP moves up in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant’, 01/04/05

We all know that Cisco dominates LANs, as it has for years. But there are innovations afoot that are creating opportunities for other players in this market, ...


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