Sybari blocks IM viruses

Addressing the inevitable threat of viruses that piggyback on instant messages, Sybari has announced Antigen 7.5 for IM at Comdex in Las Vegas.

A two-license version of the program will cost about US$28 per user, with no limitation on server installations. Antigen 7.5 for IM works with Microsoft Corp.'s Office Live Communications Server 2003, released this fall.

Product Specs

A release candidate of Sybari's product will be available within a few weeks, according to Tom Buoniello, vice president of product management for Sybari.

The standard version of Antigen 7.5 for IM includes four antivirus scanning engines: Computer Associates International Inc.'s CA InoculateIT, CA Vet, Norman Data Defense, and Sophos PLC's Sophos Anti-Virus. Two additional scanning engines are available, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and VirusBuster. The program does not include an antispam engine.

The Antigen 7.5 for IM also provides dictionary-based policies that prevent the sending of inappropriate messages containing profanity or sex-related speech, for example. IT managers can set up custom dictionaries to help identify sensitive company information. A virtual user account can send an IM if a policy is violated, as well as send an e-mail alert to administrators.

Safety Trends

Just as instant messaging has grown in popularity in the business world as it has among consumers, companies and IT managers have become more concerned about the spread of viruses and worms through IM transmissions.

Sybari is promoting its product as the first antivirus solution for IM, but several leading antivirus engines and firewalls have added functions to combat viruses in IM attachments. Also, some messaging management programs, such as IMlogic Inc.'s IM Manager, are building in additional security to guard against viruses.

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