AmberPoint Express views, tunes, and troubleshoots Web services

* AmberPoint's AmberPoint Express is free

Today we have a tool that I think is amazing because not only does it provide you with a really useful diagnostic but it is free as well. The tool is AmberPoint Express from AmberPoint (see links below).

AmberPoint Express is a tool for instrumenting Web services for performance measurement, debugging and tuning of Java- or Microsoft .Net Framework-based servers.

Once installed AmberPoint Express auto-discovers Web services and its real-time performance monitoring allows you to view Web service performance graphs of response time (maximum, average, message-specific), throughput (maximum, average, interval-specific), and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) fault counts and faults ratio along with five-minute and one-hour summaries. These data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel.

You can also drill down into SOAP messages from the graphs and inspect content, faults and errors. Moreover, you can resubmit messages from the history log or auto-generate new SOAP messages based on  Web Services Description Language (WSDL) for testing or tuning. And this is free?

For Microsoft-based systems AmberPoint Express is integrated with Visual Studio .Net for, as the company says, "point-and-click management of Web services built on the Microsoft .Net Framework."

AmberPoint Express is currently available for Microsoft .Net Framework, Apache Tomcat/Axis, and WebSphere with a version for BEA WebLogic due real soon.

Did I mention that AmberPoint Express is also free?

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