The Network World 200 Issue, 04/21/03

The Network World 200 is our annual list of the largest North American network vendors, ranked by revenue. Through the articles and resources below, we’ve built a comprehensive guide to the health of the network industry, all designed to help you assess the past, present and future strengths of your own vendor relationships.
Julie Bort  Executive Editor, Signature Series
Fraud. Scandal. Bankruptcy. The Network World 200 – the biggest names in networking – stumble through 2002. More
With its "customer is king" mantra, Dell ends Palm's two-year reign as the most productive NW200 company. More
Forgent Networks and Level 3 close 2002 the fastest growing NW200 companies. More
2002 was a test of survival for many companies within the enteprise applications, infrastructure and service provider sectors. More
New legislation aims to keep the business scandals of 2002 from repeating. But network vendors may still be glossing over the need for better corporate governance. More
Proxy statements hold all sorts of clues about a vendor’s governance attitudes. Just look at what we found in Comcast’s. More
Find out how a vendor is governed with these questions. More
These young vendors offer fresh approaches for addressing today’s enterprise network challenges, from setting up secure wireless LANs to virtualizing data center resources. More
Five years, 50 start-ups. We look at what's happened to them all, 1998-2002. More
Market cap, profits, revenue growth ... compare companies by over 20 criteria. More
Select two or more vendors and compare their 2002 statistics. More
Stay on top of the latest business, financial and product news from your favorite vendors. More
The turbulent industry is still causing shakeups. See if your vendors are downsizing. More
See if your vendors are involved in any legal action. More
See who's making their numbers and who's not. More
Get the latest news on the network industry, vendors and technology delivered daily to your in-box. More
See who got money, how much, from whom and for what, using any of several different search criteria. More
Get a weekly round-up of the latest news from your vendor delivered to your in-box each week. Choose from the following: Microsoft, Cisco, IBM or Sun. More
The NW200 is one of six bimonthly issues providing insights, opinions and information on the biggest trends shaping the networked world. Look for the You Issue, all about your job, salary, future and free time, coming July 21.
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