Microsoft baffled by fact one of its products keeps getting better

Nadella: ‘It’s brain-like in the sense of its capability to learn.’


The snarky headline I could not resist. My Network World colleague Tim Greene has the actual story and it's quite interesting:

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduced Skype Translate at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., saying that it could translate between spoken languages, but he had no explanation for why its facility with languages learned early-on get a turbo boost from learning more.

 "Say you teach it English, it learns English," Nadella says. "Then you teach it Mandarin, it learns Mandarin but it becomes better at English. And then you teach it Spanish, it'll get good at Spanish but it gets great at both Mandarin and English, and quite frankly none of us know exactly why. It's brain-like in the sense of its capability to learn."

Nadella 's best guess as to what's going on? He says, "It's magical."

Oh, that even I can translate: Apple made it.

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