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Firefox has long been my primary web browser application. It's much faster than IE, has lots more plug-ins and generally far fewer annoyances than Internet Explorer.

But then there are those occasional web pages that either work better under IE or require IE because of Active-X or some other IE-ism. For a long time Microsoft's own web site wouldn't work under Firefox, and many pages, like the Windows Update page, still won't.

Enter the IE Tab extension for Firefox. From within Firefox, you can now manually toggle between viewing the same page using Firefox or IE (within Firefox) with the simple click of an icon. You can also add pages and sites to IE Tab so that it will automatically display that page or all pages from that site or domain in IE mode.

Hooray! How handy!

This is especially useful for web developers who need to support both Firefox/Mozilla and Internet Explorer. Flip between testing a web app or site using just one browser.

And for users, now nice it is to simply hit one button and now be able to handle those IE specific web sites w/out bringing up IE, copy and paste the URL, etc., just to get to the site you were trying to look at in Firefox.

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