Siemens launches new GSM phones

Plus: Four cool Web server tools

Siemens Mobile recently announced a bunch of GSM devices for North American wireless users, with the aim of increasing its presence in the U.S. The phones from Siemens include:

• The S56, a mobile phone with a detachable camera and integrated flash. The phone will let users send images via Multimedia Messaging Service, Siemens says. It is General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)-capable for high-speed wireless data access, and includes BluetoothJava  for download of business applications, polyphonic ring tones, a color screen, hands-free voice dialing, voice command and voice memo.

• The CT56, which Cingular Wireless will sell by year-end. The phone includes eight changeable CLIPit covers, and has Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) capabilities that add pictures, video, graphics and sounds to text messages.It is GPRS-capable and has Java for downloads, polyphonic ring tones, hands-free voice dialing and voice command. Siemens says the C56, similar to the CT56, also will be offered to non-Cingular customers.

• The A56, an entry-level phone that includes eight changeable covers, is GPRS-enabled and includes EMS text-messaging.

Siemens also says its M46 phone will work on the T-Mobile network. Its SX56 Pocket PC Phone will be sold through AT&T Wireless for $550.

For more information on the new phones, go to

Four cool Web server tools

Port80 Software has four new Web server software modules for Microsoft's Internet Information Server that it says can "address the gaps between IIS and the Apache Web server functionality."

The modules - URLSpellCheck, CustomError, ServerMask and CacheRight - aim to increase security, performance and user experience for IIS users, the company says. Details of the software:

• URLSpellCheck ($120) fixes mistyped URLs and broken links automatically as requests come into the Web server.

• CustomError ($30) is a custom-error page management system for developers. The company says all error pages are integrated with a site's design to give useful direction to Web site users.

• ServerMask ($25) adds to security from low-level hackers by changing, hiding or obscuring server header data in an HTTP transaction.

• CacheRight ($150) adds intelligent cache management for developers to reduce bandwidth utilization and increase the page load speed of a Web site.

All four modules offer a free 30-day trial. Go to for details. The software supports Windows NT, 2000 and XP with IIS 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1.

Sitekeeper 2.0 released

Executive Software has unveiled the newest version of its systems management tool, Sitekeeper 2.0.

New features include support for XP (in addition to Win 2000, NT, ME and 95); an inventory tracker, which lets an IT manager instantly see what hardware and software is deployed throughout a site; a license tracker, which shows software license compliance; PushInstaller, which lets users rapidly install or uninstall software, updates, upgrades and patches on selected machines throughout a site from a central location; and support for laptops and machines intermittently connected to a network.

More information is available at

Sony gives surfing lessons to robot dogs

Sony's Entertainment Robot America division has released AIBO Speed Board, a four-wheel scooter device that lets the robot dogs skate. The Speed Board will be available in mid-November for about $250.

Compatible robot models will be able to respond to voice commands, so users can tell the AIBO to "turn left" or "turn right," Sony says. For more information, go to Sony's AIBO Web site (

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