Nortel enterprise director: Cisco insults users' intelligence

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Tony Rybczynski
"I can take a certain amount of creative marketing; e.g. how many vendors claim leadership in any given area," said Tony Rybczynski - Nortel Director of Strategic Enterprise Technologies. "However a recent white paper by Cisco titled Reduce Power Consumption Through Integrated Services Delivery is frankly an insult to the intelligence of IT professionals with its intentionally misleading logic."
"Cisco’s mathematically precise, energy consumption comparison of their branch integration solution with the AVERAGE of 6 unnamed competitors, with one or more unnamed appliances (to deliver multi-service functionality), is like saying your favorite team is leading in the division of 10 teams because it has won more games than the average of 6 other teams!" "Totally meaningless statistic!"
  Cisco 3845 Integrated Services Router Six Competitor Appliances
Power Consumption (Million W-hr) 10.32 42.34
Cooling Requirements (Million BTU) 35.21 143.54
Carbon Generated (T) 594 2,431

"I agree that device consolidation in the branch is very attractive from an opex/capex perspective, and also that environmentally green solutions have both business value and societal benefit." "However, I believe that enterprises shouldn't be blind-sighted by such deceptive manipulation of facts and look at alternatives." "Nortel's Secure Router would be one place to start, both from a price/performance and energy efficiency basis." "I don’t particularly recommend that you read the paper, but I do encourage you to look for the facts on energy efficiencies of different solutions."

Do YOU agree with Tony that the Cisco white paper is an insult to users' intelligence?

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