Cuban keeps digging … digging … digging

Considering the success he's had in business and his reputation for being a sharp fellow, entrepreneur/sports mogul Mark Cuban just can't seem to remember the first rule of holes: When in one, stop digging.

Having engendered all manner of ridicule recently for banning bloggers from his basketball team's locker room -- a fit of pique so transparently in reaction to a Dallas Morning News blogger's broadside as to scarcely warrant noting -- Cuban decided to deny the obvious and up the ante by calling upon all newspapers to stop calling their blogs blogs. Why? Well, it's hard to tell.

That suggestion went over about as well as the locker room ban (a New York Times blogger takes it apart here).

So, naturally enough, Cuban returns late yesterday afternoon to explain his thinking even further. And the hole deepens.

"I can't help myself," he writes in an introductory sentence that constitutes perhaps the four most indisputable words of his blogging career. "I have to keep this discussion about blogging going."

Mark, my man, it's not about blogging and it's not a discussion. You blew your cool and now you're trying to cover up the mess. And, aside from the stray amen emanating from your choir, derisive laughter is all that's being heard in reaction to what you've written on this subject.

Bar stool or blog, that's all we have going on here.

Yet Cuban blathers for 1,200 words in order to make the point -- what's the point? -- that newspapers are struggling to convert from dead trees to pixels … and, well, what better evidence could there be than the fact that they insist on calling their blogs blogs?

Drop the shovel, Mark, just drop the shovel.

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