Invitation to Network World readers to attend ChicagoCon from the Ethical Hacker Network

ChicagoCon Security Conference and Training - Your Invited May 12 - 18, 2008
Message To: Network World Readers
Subject: White Hats Come Together in Defense of the Digital Frontier at ChicagoCon from May 12-18, 2008
From: Donald C. Donzal CISSP, MCSE 2003, CEH, Security+ SME The Digital Construction Company Founder & Organizer ChicagoCon Editor-In-Chief The Ethical Hacker Network

The Ethical Hacker Network is where Brian Wilson has a regular column (he just did a video on using Cain, a Windows based hacking tool): Video: Man-in-the-Middle Attack on MySpace with Cain Brian will be presenting this May at the world-class security training and ethical hacking conference known as: ChicagoCon

Keynotes:Geahan (FBI), Echemendia (Hacking Instructor), McOmie (TruTV's Tiger Team), Murray (Neohapsis) and Carpenter (SANS, Intelguardians).

Be there or be square!

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