How to upgrade or replace power supply in Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch

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How to upgrade or replace power supply in Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch: Cisco Catalyst 6500/6000 series modules have different power requirements. Certain switch configurations can require more power than a single power supply can provide, which depends on the wattage of the power supply. Although the power management feature allows you to power all the installed modules with two power supplies, redundancy is not supported in this configuration. With redundancy enabled, if you power up the system with two power supplies of unequal wattage, both power supplies come on line with a corresponding syslog message. The message indicates that the lower-wattage power supply will be disabled. If the active power supply fails, the lower-wattage power supply that was disabled comes on line. If necessary, certain modules can be powered down in order to accommodate the lower-wattage power supply. Power supplies in the Cisco Catalyst 6500 chassis are hot swappable and can be replaced without powering off the switch, as long as you have a redundant power supply. For 6, 9, and 13-slot chassis, the minimum power supply requirement is a 2500 watt which can operate as a 1300W (110VAC) or as 2500W (220VAC, -48DC to -60DC). For further Cisco Catalyst 6500 series power supply information refer to: Power Supply Specifications and Effects of Power Supply Configuration Changes View the inventory availability of Cisco Power Supplies.

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