Top 2: Hyper-V and Apple Security Patches

Last week was one of the most active on my blogs. The biggest traffic getters were a few posts on the Converging on Microsoft Network World blog. I actually had two posts about Apple's security vulnerabilities and Microsoft's Hyper-V listed one and two on NWW's top stories.

The first was a post about Apple's mega patch that had a large number of security fixes to open source software (714 Diggs). I think this generated a lot of interest because no one knows how many of Apple's release fixes to open source software were actually made by Apple, or simply a roll up of patches from the open source developers and projects themselves. In many ways, Apple "gets a pass" by open source advocates who don't want others to profit from the efforts of open source developers, but it's clear from some of the Digg comments that not everyone likes Apple's secretive nature about the open source software, patches, and the timing of there release.

Number two is the post about Microsoft Hyper-V's missing support for Linux other than SUSE Linux. Slashdot picked this up and the discussions got pretty heated. The arguments and comments included views that lots of software are never officially support but can still be run, how far behind Microsoft is in the virtualization race, to those who just don't have much nice to say about Microsoft, period.

Then there were the posts on my personal blog about giving product demos (Mitchell's Rules of Demos and Demo in 5 Clicks or Less) and a post about startup cultures and leadership (Does Your CEO Have Fun).

I'm still often taken aback by the voracity of the comments left on Digg, Slashdot and Converging On Microsoft NWW blog. Readers and commenters have strong opinions and adding anonymity can make the comments that much more saucy. One thing Brad Feld advised me of long ago is that you have to have a thick skin when you put yourself and your opinions out there in a blog, and that was born out last week as some of the comments got pretty personal, lol.

None the less, it's satisfying when blog posts spark vibrant exchanges and dialogue, taking the original blog post into various new directions. It's a lot of fun to watch and be a part of. Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting and being part of the dialogue.

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